Software as a Service is instant software distribution for use by hosting provider / data center.
Zero configuration. Easy administration

Instant Software Distribution

Enterprises benefit from Computer and Device Management Systems like CapaInstaller, which provides a comprehensive and cost-effective solution. CapaInstaller automates time-consuming tasks and reduces the effort, time and cost associated with deploying, managing, securing and troubleshooting client systems and provide control of the IT environment.

Being a Full Service Partner you meet companies that may not have the means or resources in relation to technical staff, knowledge, budgets and time to fully utilize the potential of an Enterprise Desktop Management System and this has previously prevented companies from implementing an effective solution in the first place.

Software as a Service by CapaInstaller provides the enterprise-scale Computer and Device Management functionality and benefits as a Service – based on CapaSystems CapaInstaller software and delivered from you as a Full Service Partner.


Advantages using Software as a Service


You achieve ROI faster due to lower total costs for maintenance and administration


You can reduce time in deployment, distribution and maintenance


You can centralize and standardize your IT services


You are in complete control of computers and devices


You can automate manual processes

“As the number of clients increased, I realized that we needed to automate some of the tasks in connection with updating of our computers. The price, compared to the efficiency we were offered, made CapaSystems a winner”

Ulrik Jørgensen, IT Manager, Operations Support Wings

This will be possible by using Software as a Service

Reduced costs

Reduced implementation costs to a minimum

Modest requirements

Modest hardware and software requirements

Optimized potential

Optimized potential of your employees


Self-services end-user

Full scalability

there are no restrictions on the number of affiliate users

Focus on business

Focus on business not technology – Simple ‘point-and-click’ for daily operations

Pay per use

Economy of scale – pay per use

Complete control

The complete process from bare metal to a fully configured and personalized PC is covered by CapaInstaller aaS and managed, controlled and initiated with a single reboot

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