The Complete Device Management Solution

CapaInstaller is the complete device management solution when you need to handle all of your business computer and devices regardless of platform; Windows, Android, Knox, iOS or macOS.

CapaInstaller reduces downtime and manual processes by creating overview and access to central management of computers and mobile devices.

We help IT reduce the total costs for installation, management and maintenance of computers.

In connection with implementation of our software solutions, we offer training, which you can read more about by clicking here. In addition, we have affiliated professional consultants who are ready to stand in when you need it. Read more about our consultancy by clicking here.

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Powerful Device Management
CapaInstaller – the management approach of the future
Get your devices up and running quickly and have full visibility into your deployment
– whether its Windows, Android, Knox, iOS or macOS
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Why CapaInstaller is the right solution to choose

You are in

complete control of

computers and mobile devices

You achieve ROI faster

due to lower total costs for

maintenance and administration

You can centralize

and standardize

your IT services

You can reduce time

in deployment,

distribution and maintenance

Why CapaInstaller

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CapaInstaller Main Modules

Asset Management

CapaInstaller Asset Management is a dynamic solution, which facilitates a smooth and efficient administration of both software-, user- and hardware assets, which are automatically collected from Windows and Apple macOS computers, as well as iOS and Android devices. All information is stored in the CapaInstaller database, from which you can keep a sense of perspective, generate reports and control licences.


CapaPacks to CapaInstaller is a subscription service
that gives access to updated, CapaInstaller-packaged versions of a large number of 3rd party software. In short, you do not have to keep track of both security- and feature releases of the most common 3rd party software and prepare for distribution afterwards.

Configuration Management

CapaInstaller provide central management of software deployment and configuration changes.
The solution facilitates easy and quick deployment of both plain and complex software without disturbing the end user.

Mobile Device Management

Management of mobile devices is seamlessly integrated in CapaInstaller and offers centralized management of policies that controls configuration and restrictions of Apple iOS and Android based devices.

The solution enables the IT department to take control of users’ mobile devices using the same management console as used for Windows computers.

Patch Management

Use CapaInstaller Patch Management to implement a scalable and dynamic change management process in connection with deployment of Windows updates. Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) collect the updates, after which the management of deployment and configuration changes are made by CapaInstaller Configuration Management.

Power Management

Power Management facilitates an easy management of the power consumption of computers. It is a simple way to achieve a significant cost reduction without affecting the end user in his daily work. Computers can be set to automatic shutdown in the lunch break or at closing hours. Furthermore, it is possible to split computers into different groups according to their need for shutdown.

OS Deployment

CapaInstaller Operating System (OS) Deployment facilitates configuration, deployment and maintenance of Windows operating systems. The solution supports any Windows image, independent of hardware, with a special ”driver kit” for each computer model in your organization. Furthermore Change Management is supported, including entire performance history of individual computers.


Measurement and display of computer startup and login times, computer performance in relation to user experience and optimization of software installation on Windows computers. Using Utilization Index enables the IT department to be a step ahead and give the best Windows Management service ever.

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