Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

CapaInstaller reduces downtime and manual processes, providing an overview and access to centralized management of the increasing number of various devices

– computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

The most recent release includes the ability to build packages with PowerShell in CapaInstaller.

Simple and complete Unified Endpoint Management

Simple software and app installation

Simple configuration and maintenance

Secure update roll-out

If you manage all computers and devices of the company, the Danish CapaInstaller is the simple and complete Unified Endpoint Management solution – regardless of the platform; Windows, Android, Knox, Chromebook, iOS, iPad OS or macOS.

What is Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)?

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is the software solution that provides centralized management of all devices – stationary and mobile, including tablets and smartphones. CapaInstaller is one combined solution to manage security updates, the configuration of Windows, software and OS roll-out, Mobile Device Management, Patch Management, Asset Management, Power Management and Utilization Index, CapaDrivers, and CapaPacks.

CapaInstaller helps you reduce total expenditure for installing, managing, and maintaining your computers and mobile devices.

“As the number of clients increased, I realized that we needed to automate some of the tasks in connection with updating of our computers. The price, compared to the efficiency we were offered, made CapaSystems a winner”

Ulrik Jørgensen, IT Manager, Operations Support Wings

One Solution – All Devices

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

High Security

High security and effective datasharing

Reduced time consumption

You can reduce time in deployment, distribution and maintenance

Complete solution

CapaInstaller is the complete device management solution – regardless of platform

Complete controle

You are in complete control af computers and mobile devices

Standardized services

You have the opportunity to centralize and standardize your IT services

ROI faster

You achieve ROI faster due to lower total costs for maintenance and administration

Current features in CapaInstaller


Welcome to PowerShell in CapaInstaller

CapaInstaller 6.5 now includes a feature that many of our customers have been requesting: The ability to build packages with PowerShell in CapaInstaller.

In the earlier versions of CapaInstaller, PowerShell scripts had to be executed from the VBScript with a command. In CapaInstaller 6.5, a brand new PowerShell execution engine has been developed to support PowerShell scripts directly from CapaInstaller. We call them PowerPacks.

CapaInstaller 6.5 includes:

👉 Automatic creation of apps purchased through Apple VPP

👉 The ability to uninstall applications directly from the catalog

What do you need to do?

Upgrade your installation to version 6.5!

Windows 11

CapaInstaller includes support for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.

If updating Windows 11 is not on the agenda of your organization right now, Microsoft guarantees that the company will keep Windows 10 in the air for some time yet – but we are ready to support with CapaInstaller.


Windows 11

OS Deployment Templates

With OS Deployment Templates, it’s possible to pre-stage configurations for OS Deployments. When computers have been pre-staged, all information about the computer’s reinstallation is pre-configured. Hence, none of the data must be handled by people initiating reinstallations, including the end-users.

This gives an easier way to create the proper OS Configuration for the end users and control the rollout of the new OS Configurations.


You can reinstall computers from the Management Portal when using OSD Templates.

When using OSD Templates, the end-users can now initiate reinstallation by themself, with no worries from administrators about users selecting the wrong installation parameters.

This is very useful for the end-user because they can plan their day and initiate the reinstallation when it fits into their calendar and not when the IT department has the time.

CapaInstaller main modules

Obtaining satisfied users, and at the same time optimising the consumption of resources in the IT Department, takes a thoroughly tested and stable Unified Endpoint Management solution, which has proven that these challenges have been managed. Using CapaInstaller you will realize that there is no need for manual installations and subsequent wasted time for the users, as applications and updates are distributed centrally.

Windows Configuration

Manage windows applications, system settings and security updates.

Mobile Device Management

Management of mobile devices is seamlessly integrated in CapaInstaller and offers centralized management of policies that controls configuration and restrictions regardless of platform.


Software Deployment

Install, uninstall and update software on mobile devices, macOS and Windows computers.

Patch Management

Use CapaInstaller Patch Management to implement a scalable and dynamic change management process in connection with deployment of Windows updates.


Asset Management

CapaInstaller Asset Management is a dynamic solution, which facilitates a smooth and efficient administration of both software-, user- and hardware assets.


OS Deployment

CapaInstaller Operating System (OS) Deployment facilitates configuration, deployment and maintenance of Windows operating systems – furthermore Change Management is supported.


Utilization Index

Measurement and display of computer startup and login times, computer performance in relation to user experience and optimization of software installation on Windows computers.


Power Management

Power Management facilitates an easy management of the power consumption of computers. It is a simple way to achieve a significant cost reduction without affecting the end user in his daily work.



CapaDrivers continuously scans for the latest driver packages from Lenovo, Dell, HP and Microsoft. The driver packages are downloaded and converted into driver content packages, which is automatically downloaded and imported by Cloud Updater-package


CapaPacks for CapaInstaller

CapaPacks for CapaInstaller is a subscription service that gives access to updated, CapaInstaller-packaged versions of a large number of 3rd party software.


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