CapaOne Reliability

Our CapaOne products enable you to add value and upgrade your IT installation regardless of your existing deployment solution. CapaOne products support all deployment products — including CapaInstaller, SCCM, or Intune.

Reliability measurements, provided in a straightforward UI, are directly connected to what the user experiences here and now.

They are based on the well-known reliability value from Windows — where CapaOne Reliability from CapaSystems excels by gathering ALL reliability values for all computers at the company, producing a complete overview.

The management can directly read off stability measurements and thus see how well the end-user´s PCs run and if some sites need extra attention.

Technicians can use CapaOne Reliability to troubleshoot and find solutions to possible challenges: if there are applications that hang or fail, challenges with your drivers, or if Windows does not properly shut down, etc.

With the intuitive user interface that CapaOne Reliability offers and the technical support available in Danish and English, it’s easy for companies to get started and master the solution.

CapaOne Reliability

“What if you could spot a problem as it happens – what if you could drill down to the exact error and read the event log file? Look no further – with CapaOne Reliability from CapaSystems, you get the bird’s eye view of the computers in your organization with graphs to show you the computers with the highest to lowest reliability score.”

Happy and productive end-users

High productivity is essential for all businesses.

End-users can work without being interrupted by poorly performing applications or OS performance.

With Reliability, you can read stability measurements and thus see how well the nd-users’ PCs are running and if there are areas that need extra attention. By using Reliability, you can correct any issues and thus ensure happy and productive end-users.

Pinpoints irregularities and security threats:

anything that is not “as it usually is”
abnormal behavior in the system

CapaOne Reliability

Why CapaOne Reliability?

Get a full overview of the
complete IT installation

Get “the State of the Kingdom”
displayed in clear UI

Get an overview of the Citrix
performance across the server farm


The technician can find
solutions to challenges

Follow how stable
the users’ PCs are

Follow how stable the
used software is 

See the consequence
of a Change

See ALL faults in
ALL computers

How to install

Get protected right away by following these 3 simple steps:

CapaOne Reliability
CapaOne Reliability

CapaOne Reliability FAQ

Why should we use CapaOne Reliability?

CapaOne Reliability provides you with a comprehensive overview of your entire IT setup. Stability measurements are presented in a straightforward user interface, reflecting what the end user experiences in real-time.

By using CapaOne Reliability, you gain insights into:

  • The stability of end-users PCs
  • Potential software problems or application errors
  • Any challenges with drivers or Windows shutdown
  • The effect of system changes (Change)
  • ALL errors on ALL machines in the company.
Who benefits from the product?
  • Management: They can directly read stability measurements and understand how well the company’s PCs function. It indicates whether areas require extra attention.
  • Technicians: They can utilize CapaOne Reliability for troubleshooting and quickly identify and address any challenges. It can range from failing applications to systems not shutting down properly.
How does CapaOne Reliability work?

CapaOne Reliability provides a deep insight into the stability of the company’s IT environment.

It does this by:

  • collecting all “reliability values” for every machine in the company
  • providing a continuous overview in the form of simple graphs and charts
  • gathering all events from endpoints related to stability
  • allowing for deep inspection to pinpoint the root cause of problems

With this tool, businesses can identify irregularities and security threats based on behavior that is not “as it usually is.”

Do you need help getting started?

With the intuitive user interface offered by CapaOne Reliability and the technical support in Danish and English from CapaSystems A/S’s experts, it’s easy for companies to get started with and master the solution.

With CapaOne Reliability, you can add value and enrich your IT setup regardless of your existing deployment choice, as the product supports all deployment products – including CapaInstaller, SCCM, or Intune.

Danish Company with Social Responsibility

CapaSystems is not just a Danish company that develops software solutions. We take pride in our strong social responsibility, which is deeply rooted in Danish heritage and values. Our team has diverse backgrounds in terms of gender, ethnicity, and professional background, and we find it important to have apprentices and interns and thus help young people on their way to their dreams. 

”Just like CapaOne MDMCapaOne AdminOnDemandCapaOne Drivers, CapaOne Security and CapaOne Updater, CapaOne Reliability is a CapaOne-based product developed by CapaSystems. CapaOne is our cloud-based platform, offering customers simple IT administration without expertise. Our CapaOne products allow you to add value and upgrade your IT installation regardless of your existing choice of deployment solution since they support all deployment products — including CapaInstaller, SCCM, or Intune.”

– Dan Svendsen, CPO, CapaSystems

CapaOne Reliability Key Features

Spend less time troubleshooting

See the reliability issues with the reliability index score for faster troubleshooting.

Get insights

See all your endpoints from a birdseye perspective and, in seconds, reveals endpoints where the user has problems with reliability.

Find and conclude

When seeing reliability issues, you can find similarities by searching all endpoints for similar problems.

Deep dive

All events from endpoints with adherent to reliability have been collected, so you have more data for deep inspection to find the right cause.


A complete inventory is collected from endpoints, giving you all the information needed to find common issues based on hardware or software.

High quality EU support

Technical support is offered in danish and english by our own experts.The product is designed and developed in Denmark by developers from CapaSystems A/S.

Security overview

CapaOne Security monitors your endpoints’ most critical security configurations, including antivirus, encryption, and firewall.

CapaOne Reliability

Yes – please show me immediately!

Let us show you how CapaOne Reliability can make a difference
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information from Windows eventlogs on the pc client.

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