Synthetic monitoring – installed in minutes

We can add PerformanceGuard AutoSteps to your existing installation in just a couple of minutes.

In a single console you can then


  • ensure low cost 24/7 monitoring of business-critical IT services
  • spot downtime that began outside working hours before the users are affected
  • perform genuine, impartial SLA evaluations
  • eliminate blind spots in your Performance Monitoring

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Receive notifications before the users are arriving at work

Simulate user behaviour on critical IT services whether operated by you or in the cloud, and solve the problem before the users complain.

Perform measurements 24/7, even without users present. This ensures that you are one step ahead.

End-user measurements - even without users present!

PerformanceGuard AutoSteps helps ensure effective operation in a perfect combination of synthetic and real end-user monitoring. On a single console.

  • During working hours, a combination of end user measurements and synthetic measurements gives the highest level of insight into the quality of the service provided to the end users.
  • Outside working hours, PerformanceGuard AutoSteps performs synthetic measurements that help you detect problems as and when they occur, instead of waiting for the users to complain when they arrive at work.
overall overview in one console
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PG Autosteps - one step ahead of the others



Support for all

scripting languages

as well as self-contained


Easy scaling 

– install new machine

and you’re done

Central script repository  

– no manual distribution

of scripts

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