- a security risk for the business

Shadow IT

PerformanceGuard casts new light on Shadow IT

Shadow IT

It becomes a challenge when employees and business units purchase technology and IT services without involving the IT department, and then become responsible for systems that the department isn’t actually accountable for.

The security is threatened, and the IT department has in no way the overview of:

  • the location of business critical information or personal data
  • agreements
  • the economy

It’s possible to achieve a complete overview of the applications as well as web and cloud services used across the organization.

The IT department gains control and ensures that business critical information or personal data does not “float” around unknown systems.

PerformanceGuard gives full transparency

With PerformanceGuard you’re able to:
  • Identify exactly where on the internet a given IT Service is processed and stores the business’ data as well as the personal data
  • Monitor performance as well as network, application and user behavior across the entire infrastructure—internally as well as externally.
  • Be proactive, for example by registering potential uptime or performance issues before they become problems.
  • Provide accurate technical data from the entire infrastructure, which makes it significantly easier for the IT department to identify root causes of problems.

The ability to control and streamline is diminishing, because business units and individual employees are increasingly using IT tools and services without involving the IT department.

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“Cast new light on Shadow IT”,

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