Have you ever thought about what slows your IT systems down?

Stop using hours every day on finding applications and processes that steal resources from your end-user computers.

  • IT department saves time
  • End-users become more efficient
  • The company gains higher productivity

Too many IT departments waste too much time searching for errors. Not only the IT department feels the impact of errors, the whole company and all end users are affected as well – the end-users by annoying latency, and the company by loss of productivity and competitive edge.

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With PerformanceGuard we are able to pinpoint specific problems in our infrastructure very quickly and without the need for external consultants…

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PerformanceGuard Data

PerformanceGuard AutoSteps

Add PerformanceGuard AutoSteps to your existing installation in just a couple of minutes and have both synthetic and real end-user monitoring. In a single console you can then ensure low cost 24/7 monitoring of business-critical IT services, spot downtime that began outside working hours before the users are affected, perform genuine – impartial SLA evaluations or eliminate blind spots in your Performance Monitoring.

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Network Metrics

Response times experienced by end users are often reported subjectively, typically when performance is bad. PerformanceGuard measures all activity over the network, providing vital information about response times, data flow, packet loss and more. With these objective data, you can much faster detect the real causes of bad performance experienced by end users. PerformanceGuard identifies which computer processes access the network, and this lets you detect if unwanted applications access your network.

Network Latency

PerformanceGuard lets you get continuous measurements of latency between end-user computers and core components in your infrastructure. Knowing the network latency is key to successful troubleshooting.


PerformanceGuard provides an overview of Citrix performance across your entire server farm. PerformanceGuard monitors Citrix performance directly on the Citrix servers. This lets you gather information about any Citrix session – even when end users connect from devices not managed by you.

Windows Performance Counters

Windows Performance Counters are vital in advanced troubleshooting on Windows computers, but it can be a tedious task to gather this type of information – and most often a reactive one. With PerformanceGuard, you can continuously collect Windows Performance Counters of your choice from all relevant computers.

Advanced TCP

PerformanceGuard provides advanced metrics for deeper troubleshooting: RTTs, Spurious RTOs, Fast Retransmits, Duplicate Acks and much more.

Computer metrics

Get objective information about how end-user computers perform: CPU and memory usage, disk I/O, startup and login times plus much more. To help identify resource thieves, PerformanceGuard collects data by process, and you can correlate data across specific computers or all computers in your organization.

PerformanceGuard Main Features

Real-time Performance Monitoring

PerformanceGuard collects performance data from all end-user computers and all of your servers. PerformanceGuard continuously processes the data and displays information about it in real-time. PerformanceGuard automatically detects if performance exceeds thresholds, and alerts you if many end users experience performance issues at the same time.


With PerformanceGuard, you can quickly detect failing components in your infrastructure. You can quickly identify bottlenecks, no matter whether they occur on the server infrastructure, on the network, or on end-user computers.

Change Management QA

PerformanceGuard provides a true image of the impact that your changes have on end users. Because PerformanceGuard collects data continuously, you will automatically get before-and-after views of your changes.


Objective documentation of daily operations is vital if you want to make decisions based on facts rather than feelings. PerformanceGuard documents performance when it meets expected standards as well as when issues occur, so you can quantify any production losses.

Capacity Planning

PerformanceGuard provides information about the number of users who access an application, how much data that travels over the network, and which processes are involved. Get an overview of computers that need upgrades, and identify computers that don’t need upgrades – even if they have actually reached the end of their scheduled life cycles.

Service Desk

With PerformanceGuard, your Service Desk can quickly identify if an issue reported by an end user is confined to a single computer, or if it’s related to a general issue across many computers. PerformanceGuard uses dashboards to display the targeted information that’s relevant in a Service Desk. You can customize the dashboards to suit the exact needs in your organization.

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