Have you considered what makes your IT systems slow?
Stop spending hours each day trying to find the applications and processes that steal resources from your end users’ computers
– let the overview unfold using PerformanceGuard and the new CapaOne Reliability. Easy and manageable.

PerformanceGuard allows you to:


easy analyze performance on the end user's computer - CPU and memory usage, disk I/O, boot and login times


measure response times between the computer and the applications used by the user


get an overview of the Citrix performance across the server farm


continuously collect Windows Performance Counters


make 24/7 monitoring of specific applications with automated user simulation


gather everything on dashboards in real time

“With PerformanceGuard we are able to pinpoint specific problems in our infrastructure very quickly and without the need for external consultants…”

Allan Christiansen, Head of Infrastructure, the Capital Region of Denmark, Center for IT, Medico and Telephony

“Very soon PerformanceGuard provided enough value for us to invest in it…”

Service Level Manager, Corporate Service Center of Copenhagen City

New Features in PerformanceGuard 8.3

A complete overview of IT

CapaOne Reliability is the first product based on our CapaOne Cloud.

The measurements, which are provided in a simple and clear UI, are directly connected to what the user experiences here and now. They are based on the well-known reliability value from Windows — where CapaOne Reliability excels by gathering ALL reliability values for all computers at the company, thereby producing a full overview.

The management can directly read off stability measurements and thus see how well the end-users’ PCs run and if there are sites that are in need of extra attention. Technicians can use CapaOne Reliability to troubleshoot and find solutions to possible challenges: if there are applications that hang or fail, challenges with your drivers or if Windows does not properly shut down, etc. And the Support can also dive in and gain insight into the stability of a current computer – now and 30 days back.

CapaOne Reliability constantly supplies a full overview in simple graphs and diagrams… and is a free part of PerformanceGuard.

PerformanceGuard Main Features

See the resource usage

See the resource usage on your computers. This is a quick overview of CPU, memory and disk utilisation. See if your computer is affected within the respective time interval.


Identify all processes

Identify all processes by selecting a section of the chart — and the affected computers will be displayed together with the processes that have been most resource-demanding for the period.

Web Timer for Edge and Chrome

It is now possible to measure web page load times in Edge. PerformanceGuard does already measure in Google Chrome.

The end user can view the measured time directly in the browser – this feature can be disabled in the configuration if you don’t want the end users to be distracted by this feature.


PerformanceGuard – Office 365

The PerformanceGuard – Office 365 service makes it possible for you to take a closer look at your Office 365. Get a 3 month FREE trial

>>Read more


Performance Index

It is often difficult to remember what a good response time is for every application. With the new Performance Index, the response times are indexed against the normal behavior.

This is a great tool for management to gain insight into IT operations – simply and quickly.

PerformanceGuard AutoSteps

We can add PerformanceGuard AutoSteps to your existing installation in a matter of minutes, giving you both synthetic and real end user analytics.


Integration to ServiceNow and Matrix42

PerformanceGuard offers integration to popular servicedesk tools like ServiceNow and Matrix 42 ServiceDesk.

It’s allowing your employees to access the valuable information in PerformanceGuard directly in the tool they use every day.


PerformanceGuard provides you with an overview of Citrix performance across your server farm. PerformanceGuard measures Citrix performance directly on the Citrix servers, allowing you to view information about any Citrix session – even when end users connect via devices that you do not personally manage.

Computer measurements

Get objective performance information on the end users’ computers:

  • CPU and memory usage
  • disk I/O
  • boot and log in times
  • and much more

Windows Performance Counters

Windows Performance Counters are extremely important for Problem Management on Windows computers, but collecting this type of information can be a tedious task.

With PerformanceGuard, you can continuously collect all the requested Windows Performance Counters from all relevant computers.

With data from PerformanceGuard, IT gets a powerful tool to run:

Problem Management

Be proactive by seeing the problem before the users do. By collecting performance data from Application and Services, compare the data with the average performance index, you will see the problem before they occur. And using CapaOne Reliability the management can directly read off stability measurements

Change Management

Insight into the user experience and the network performance before, during and after a change has been made – PerformanceGuard and CapaOne Reliability will give you all the details

IT Management

SLA reporting by application, location or event category as well as upgrade planning of hardware and resources

IT Operation

Performance status on critical applications (both in the cloud and on-premises) based on user activity in real time 

Capacity and Performance Management

Give insights by collecting performance data to help plan the process of determining the network resources required to prevent a performance or availability impact on business-critical applications

Service Desk

Data drawn directly to the end user’s computer for quick troubleshooting. Integration with ServiceNow. Using CapaOne Reliability the Support gains insight into the stability of a current computer – now and 30 days back

Network Management

Network latency and availability per subnet (based on ping or trace route)

Digital Experience Analytics

Optimisation of employee satisfaction and efficiency


PerformanceGuard – Office 365

Office 365 is a business-critical service in the Cloud, with a quality that often defies proper observation or measurement. The PerformanceGuard – Office 365 service now offers the option to analyse performance.


Proactive Problem Management

in the IT Operation

When it is difficult for Service Desk to find the root of the end users’ problems, Performance Analytics is the easy way to collect objective performance data. This gives Service Desk the full general view of the situation. That enables them to act on facts rather than on emotions.

The IT operations department usually does not find infrastructure problems until the end users complain.

That causes downtime and affects productivity, and the IT operations department has to spend resources on troubleshooting rather than managing infrastructure.

PerformanceGuard allows the IT organisation to be proactive and handle the challenges before they lead to downtime. With CapaOne Reliability you now have the tool for both managers and technicians.

Let us show you how!

Let us show you, what PerformanceGuard and CapaOne Reliability can do for your company

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