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Comply with NIS2

The NIS2 Directive comes into effect on January 1, 2025, and affects over 1,000 Danish companies.
Non-compliance with the NIS2 Directive is not an option. Failure to meet its requirements will result in significant financial penalties, a risk no company can afford to take.
Members of management can be held personally liable, with extensive sanctions.
The NIS2 Directive contains requirements to maintain a detailed inventory of devices, enforce complex passwords, encrypt devices, be able to remotely wipe devices, and continuously update operating systems and applications.

CapaOne MDM meets all the requirements!

CapaOne Key Features

Advanced Endpoint Enrollment

Advanced Endpoint Enrollment provides you with three powerful device setup methods:


  • User verification with Microsoft credentials ensures that only your organization’s devices are enrolled.
  • QR code setup allows you to enroll corporate-owned and BYOD devices.
  • Automated workflow enrollment of devices using Google Zero-Touch, Samsung KNOX, or Apple DEP ensures that devices are enrolled correctly and effortlessly in your organization.
Advanced Configuration Management

Advanced Configuration Management provides you with a range of tools to fine-tune your devices:


  • Password configurations to ensure password management
  • Advanced Restrictions enhance security and control
  • Kiosk Mode locks devices to specific apps
  • You can manage network access for Wi-Fi and data
  • Use Blacklist/Whitelist for app control
  • APN for seamless internet access
  • VPN for secure internal access
  • And much more..
Advanced Application Management

Advanced Application Management gives you control over your applications:


  • Access your desired websites by creating web clips or apps for the device’s home screen.
  • Install apps from the Google Play Store, App Store, or VPP and efficiently distribute them to devices individually or in groups.
  • Managed Configuration ensures that individual apps behave following company policies and guidelines.
Advanced Endpoint Management

Advanced Endpoint Management gives you complete control over Apple and Android devices.

  • Automate tasks to increase productivity.
  • Reduce costs by managing both Android and Apple in one solution.
  • Meet data security requirements by implementing encryption on devices, which improves data security and integrity following industry standards.
  • Minimize risks in case of theft by instantly securing the device with the Lock function.
  • Use the Wipe/Delete function to completely erase all data and reset the device to factory settings.
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) makes it easy for users to enroll their own devices. Users have complete control and can easily remove the profile/container from the device at any time.  

For example, a user with an Android device can enroll it with a work profile and, of course, remove it again at any time.  

Similarly, a user with an Apple device can enroll it and easily remove the profile from the device again.  

Azure AD Integration

The Azure AD Integration lets you connect your Azure AD and CapaOne, enabling enrollment with Microsoft authentication which ensures that only users from your organization can enroll devices while automatically linking the user’s validation to the device, making it easier for the IT administrator to control device access. 

SSO simplifies login to multiple apps, and MFA strengthens security. 

    Mobile Devices That Streamline Your Workflow

    Mobile devices are more popular than ever before. But with popularity comes challenges. 

    With an effective MDM solution, businesses can avoid unauthorized app installations and outdated operating systems, resulting in weak security measures. 

    CapaOne MDM simplifies the process of distributing applications, updating operating systems, and enforcing policies. This means you can rest assured that your devices are always protected and performing at their best. 

    The solution offers simple and effective device management, eliminating complexity and the need for expensive consultants. CapaOne MDM is easy to implement and administer at an affordable price. 

    With CapaOne products, you can add value to your IT deployment without being a specialist or dependent on a specific deployment product. CapaOne supports all deployment products, such as CapaInstaller, Intune, and SCCM. 


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    Customer feedback

    “CapaOne MDM stands out by offering a comprehensive and reliable solution for managing and securing mobile devices that address the organization’s need for efficiency, security, and scalability.”

    – Ali Hassanzadeh
    Kofoeds Skole

    EVERYTHING you need in a single MDM solution

    Enroll, configure, and monitor Android and Apple devices with CapaOne MDM. 
    You strengthen security, increase productivity, and reduce costs. 
    Everything is bundled in a single solution so that you can maintain a comprehensive overview. 


    Try free of charge for 30 days

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    Why CapaOne MDM?

    Compliance with the NIS2 Directive

    The NIS2 Directive comes into force on January 1, 2025. CapaOne MDM is a valuable tool for complying with some of the legal requirements. 

    Mobile Workforce

    The increasing number of employees working from home places great demands on an MDM solution. CapaOne MDM is an effective and secure solution that provides peace of mind, regardless of where employees are located. 

    IT security

    With the ever-increasing threat landscape, enforcing security policies and protecting corporate data is more critical than ever. CapaOne MDM can encrypt mobile devices and implement the necessary policies to reduce risks. 

    Save time and money

    CapaOne MDM is so simple that the need for expensive consultants is virtually eliminated. At the same time, you can manage mobile devices in one solution, saving both time and money. 

    Up and running in 10 minutes

    CapaOne MDM is easy to implement and administer. The tailored onboarding process can get you up and running in 10 minutes. 

    Free personal support

    Your peace of mind means everything to us. That’s why you get personal support from our experts, who speak Danish and English. Support is free when you purchase one of our CapaOne products. 

    CapaOne MDM FAQ

    What is CapaOne MDM?

    CapaOne MDM is an effective, cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution specifically designed to reduce the risk of data security breaches while improving end-user productivity.

    CapaOne MDM delivers central management of enterprise mobile devices (Android or Apple iOS) for end users, thus ensuring that your team has the tools and security protocols to operate efficiently and safely in today’s digital landscape.

    Which devices are supported ?

    CapaOne MDM is an “Android Enterprise Recommended” solution. 

    With CapaOne MDM, you get a user-friendly and affordable solution to manage all your newer Android devices (recommended version 12) and Apple devices (recommended version 12). 

    Can I get a free trial?

    You can try CapaOne MDM for free for 30 days. During the trial period, you will have plenty of opportunities to test the solution and evaluate whether it adds value to your business. 

    When you sign up for the trial, you don’t have to provide credit card information. 

    How much does CapaOne MDM cost after the trial ends?

    You can place MDM solutions into two categories. 

    They are either: 

    • Quite complex and expensive 
    • Affordable but comes with limited features. 

    CapaOne MDM redefines the norm and offers a cost-effective MDM solution. You get access to basic and advanced features for just €2 per month per device, providing a sensible, value-oriented approach to Mobile Device Management. 

    In other words: 

    You don’t have to compromise with CapaOne MDM. We have included everything. 

    Will I get help getting started?

    Yes, you do. 

    CapaSystems will naturally help you get started with your CapaOne MDM solution. 

    We tailor an onboarding process so that you can manage the company’s mobile devices yourself. 

    That is the whole idea behind our CapaOne products – we want to add value to our customers’ IT installations, regardless of your prior expert knowledge. 

    Will I get personal support?

    Yes, of course. 

    We value your peace of mind. That’s why you get personal support from our experts, who speak Danish and English. Support is free when you purchase one of our CapaOne products. 


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