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CapaSystems are continuously looking for new colleagues for exciting and challenging jobs. Vacancies will be shown here.

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CIO som forretningsleder
I den digitale tidsalder er medarbejderne (også) den reelle succesfaktor
Overvåg infrastrukturen og brug tiden effektivt

Interested in working for CapaSystems

In our company professional discussions and knowledge sharing are important keywords. The tone is free and characterized by a strong collegial teamwork in a flat organization, in which employees very much participate in setting the agenda.

We offer:

  • a versatile job with exciting challenges and opportunities for personal and professional development
  • talented and dedicated colleagues in an informal environment
  • great potential to shape your job content

Unsolicited applications

We welcome unsolicited applications and always evaluate the received material seriously.
Please send your unsolicited application directly to this email address:

[email protected]

Working for CapaSystems

CapaSystems values

It is important for us. Is it important for you?


As a software provider credibility is completely vital. Our customers should know that we mean what we say – and say what we mean. They can confidently take advantage of our product – we thoroughly test the software before we release..


It is quite natural that innovation is one of the cornerstones of CapaSystems values – without the continuous development of our products the future market is uncertain. We therefore try every day to challenge and “move” each other.


In a world that is constantly in motion, it is important to keep up. CapaSystems is a flexible company with focus on moving in the same direction as our customers.