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Driver updates

Updating drivers could be pretty time-consuming, particularly in organizations that use several different computer models. CapaOne Drivers eliminates the need to identify the drivers you need, find them, and then download and install them.

The advantage offered by CapaOne Drivers is that the solution automatically registers old drivers and updates ALL of them. This gives a material boost to your company’s IT security while simultaneously improving the performance of your colleagues’ computers. And you can better use your IT resources while calmly monitoring a visually manageable dashboard.

With CapaSystems’ CapaOne products, you can add value and enhance your IT installation without being an expert, regardless of your existing deployment solution. CapaOne supports all deployment products, including CapaInstaller, SCCM, or Intune.

CapaOne Drivers is a driver update from CapaSystems that makes continuous updating of the company’s drivers easy and manageable.

Get control of the most critical security configurations on the endpoints – it’s straightforward.

CapaOne Drivers

Dennis Busk Nyehuus
Senior Software Architect, CapaSystems

“Keeping your drivers up to date is a time-consuming process that needs to be repeatedly, as new versions that are more secure and have better performance are being released.

CapaOne Drivers automates this process, allowing you to kick back and monitor your compliance level.”

A user-friendly Dashboard gives you an overview

By using driver update software, you no longer need to search for updates yourself continuously. CapaOne Drivers has a dashboard that gives you an overview of which computers can be updated with new drivers. You choose if you would like to manually update a specific computer or automate the entire process for selected or all computers simultaneously via workflows.

Do not waste your time searching for the proper drivers — repeatedly. CapaOne Drivers will take care of this task — once and for all.
We refer to this as “Set and Forget,” as you can configure CapaOne Drivers to maintain everything automatically.

CapaOne Drivers

Why CapaOne Drivers?

Support of new computer
models – automated 

Continuous updating of the company’s
drivers – easy and manageable

Fixes important security vulnerabilities
and ensures stability

Automated match between
computer models and drivers

Drivers that are always up-to-date
ensure far better performance

Free access to 
specialist support

How to install

Get protected right away by following these 3 easy steps

CapaOne Drivers
CapaOne Drivers

CapaOne Drivers FAQ

What does a driver do?

According to Wikipedia, a driver enables a computer’s operating system to communicate with various types of hardware. The purpose of a driver is to make it possible for hardware manufacturers to only design a single type of hardware, which is nevertheless able to work on different operating systems.

Since manufacturers sometimes launch important updates that can make the hardware work better, users should generally strive to keep their drivers up to date.

What is the consequence of a failure to update your drivers?

We know that IT Departments often neglect the duty of searching for new drivers, as this is a rather time-consuming task. Since this job is postponed until the last minute, a frequent consequence is a failure to update drivers on time.

Nevertheless, it is a really good idea to always make sure that your drivers are up to date. This fixes important security vulnerabilities, ensures stability and provides far better performance of the organisation’s computers.

How are drivers updated?

Drivers can naturally be updated manually, by identifying the drivers you need, finding them and then downloading and installing them. This perhaps sounds a bit too much — in particular, in an organisation that uses several different computer models. Therefore, many companies opt for automated driver update solutions.

We recommend CapaOne Drivers, which makes the continuous update of the company’s drivers both easy and transparent.

Is there any easy and manageable automated driver update solution?

Yes, naturally! Many companies employ solutions that make the task of updating the company’s drivers both easy and manageable. One of these solutions is CapaOne Drivers.

It is easy to start using CapaOne Drivers — and there is an option to try it out free of charge for a period of 30 days, when the product is released: CapaOne Portal

CapaOne Drivers offers:

  • Dashboard with an overview of which computers can be updated with new drivers
  • Inventory that indicates which drivers will be updated
  • Option for manual driver update of individual computers
  • Automated update of selected or all computers using workflows
  • An option for users to choose when the installation should start
  • Support for Windows 10 and 11
  • Set and Forget — CapaOne Drivers can be configured to automatically maintain the entire process
What does it take to use CapaOne Drivers?

Not much — the agent scans and indicates where there are updates that need to be addressed — and implements them automatically.

And remember, CapaOne Drivers supports ALL deployment tools.

Danish Company with Social Responsibility

CapaSystems is not just a Danish company that develops software solutions. We take pride in our strong social responsibility, which is deeply rooted in Danish heritage and values. Our team has diverse backgrounds in terms of gender, ethnicity, and professional background, and we find it important to have apprentices and interns and thus help young people on their way to their dreams. 

CapaOne Key Features


There is an option to check if a certain hardware model is supported and if the newest driver exists in CapaOne Drivers before initiating the update.


Information is collected about all hardware and installed driver versions as well as when there are new updates.

Driver Updates

When endpoints are enrolled in the CapaOne Drivers solution, it is ready to be updated with the newest driver.


A full log is kept of everything that happens at your endpoints. This gives you 100% insight into what is being done in connection with a driver update.

Windows 11

Support for both Windows 10
and Windows 11

Set and forget

Workflows enable you to set up CapaOne Drivers with fully automated update procedures. You decide with the filter feature what must be updated and when by using the workflow

Software and support

Technical support is offered in danish and english by our own experts. The product is designed and developed in Denmark by developers from CapaSystems A/S

Security Overview

Security Summary monitors your endpoints’ most critical security configurations, including antivirus, encryption, and firewall.

CapaOne Drivers

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PerformanceGuard Enterprise Edition
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