CapaDrivers continuously scans for the latest driver packages – easy to install on new computers and update on existing ones. – and you are not limited to single hardware models.


Updated driver ensures


Higher security


Better functionality

Better performance

“We always keep our drivers up to date — this patches up vital security flaws, ensures stability and provides far better performance.

Many drivers come with the Windows version. Our experience is that our computers get sluggish and unstable if we do not update their drivers after updating Windows.”

Søren Dahl Nielsen

Deployment Specialist, Niras

Get increased stability and better performance by using CapaDrivers

CapaDrivers continuously scans for the latest driver packages from Lenovo, Dell, HP and Microsoft.

The driver packages are downloaded and converted into driver content packages, which is automatically downloaded and imported by the Cloud Updater-package.

Why use CapaDrivers?

Supports first-time installation and update on existing endpoints

Automatic maintenance of the service via Cloud Updater

Continuous opdate of driver content packages

Automatically matches your hardware models to the corresponding driver content packages

Access to specialist support at no extra charge

Automatically supports new hardware models

The cost of CapaDrivers?

Price example of a customer with 250 endpoints:

Implementation: 2.500 Danish kroner.

Annual cost: 10.000 Danish kroner (40 Dkr. per endpoint)

(The price may vary depending on the total number of endpoints as well as the lenght of the contract)

CapaDrivers Key Features


It is possible to check if a hardware model is supported and if the newest driver content package exists in CapaInstaller before initiating the update.


Driver installation

Drivers can be installed for the first time via packages or during OS roll-out via Windows PE.


Driver update

Drivers can be updated via packages. There are various packages and settings that make it possible to determine how the update should go.


Custom content packages

If the driver package that is offered by the manufacturer does not contain the drivers you require, you can build your own driver content packages.


Windows 11

Support for both Windows 10 and Windows 11.




Cloud Updater

Provides an opportunity to automatically download and import relevant driver content packages from CapaOne.


Logging & Inventory

The service logs driver-related changes to endpoints and saves the most important information in Custom Inventory.


Set and Forget

Once CapaDrivers is implemented, you no longer need to spend time on manual workflows for he installation and update of hardware drivers.


CapaDrivers – a part of CapaServices

CapaServices are standard solutions that adds value to your Windows environment. The solutions are developed and maintained by CapaFactory Team and are fully supported by CapaSystems Customer Services at no extra cost. In addition to CapaDrivers, the following CapaServices are offered:

CapaImages are the fastes way to an always updated Windows Image.The large amount of security patches and new builds has increased over the years. This has raised a constant need to update Windows images, which is a time-consuming task. CapaSystems monitors releases of patches and builds for you and ensures that you are informed as soon as new images are ready for download.

Read more about CapaImages

CapaPacks puts you one step ahead in relation to security, creation and deployment of packages. With CapaPacks you can skip the daily monitoring for new security updates and patches for standard packages as well as the preparation of these for release. Let CapaPacks do the job – it is easy, inexpensive and smart.


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Drive encryption using BitLocker is an easy and secure way of protecting data – especially when implemented and managed using CapaInstaller. You needn’t worry about whether local data are protected in case of theft or unauthorised access to your computers.


Read more about BitLocker

The CapaWinUpgrade service gives you a tool that makes it possible to easily upgrade your Windows 10 platform.You do not need to worry about spending resources on one of the IT Department’s most time-consuming tasks or developing yourselves a package that will ensure that your operating system is updated.

Read more about CapaWinUpgrade

Drivere til alle formål

CapaDrivers makes it easier than ever to install drivers on new computers and update drivers on existing computers.

The service supports more than 92% of the models of the biggest hardware manufacturers that are less than 5 years old.

You no longer need to download and integrate manufacturers’ driver packages yourself when your company gets new hardware models.
All you need to do is unpack the computer out of the box and PXE boot it with CapaInstaller.

Updated hardware drivers give you:
• better security
• better functionality
• better performance

Let us show you how!

Let us show you, what CapaDrivers can do for your company

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