Find and fix software
that undermines your IT security

CapaOne Updater for all companies

The Updater makes it easy to raise the level of your security and to continuously make sure that all available third-party software is fully up to date — regardless of which deployment tool you have opted for, since the Updater supports all of them — e.g., CapaInstaller, SCCM or Intune.

The agent scans and indicates where there are updates that need to be addressed — and implements them automatically.

Streamlined updating of third-party software

Manual or automated — the choice is YOURS!

The wrong place to cut corners

Failure to update third-party software is the primary reason why companies are compromised. Companies need to be on their guard when updating their software.

Nevertheless, this is not something that is always given priority.

Updating third-party software with the Updater safeguards your devices against security vulnerabilities that may become hazardous and enable virus attacks and malware intrusions.

Easily, transparently — and automatically!

Get insights and control

Scan for updates

Fix first-time Installation

Find and manage by filters

Spend less time patching

Proactive Patch Management

A proactive Path Management approach improves a company’s endpoint security and helps prevent viruses, ransomware, and other threats.

The Updater makes it easy to raise the level of your security while remaining compatible with all available third-party software. The agent scans and indicates If any updates need to be addressed — and implements them easily and transparently.

You can choose between manual and automated updates — the choice is YOURS.

CapaOne Updater

How to install

Get protected right away by following these 3 easy steps:

CapaOne Updater allows you to


simple overview of missing software updates


apply software updates with secure step-by-step access


get insight into all the missing updates from dashboards


get your endpoints closer to ISS DSS compatibility

”Just like AdminOnDemandReliability Updater is a CapaOne-based product that is developed by CapaSystems. CapaOne is our cloud-based platform, which offers customers simple IT administration without a need for prior expertise. Our CapaOne products make it possible for you to add value and upgrade your IT installation regardless of your current deployment solution. They support ALL deployment products — including, for example, CapaInstaller, SCCM, or Intune.”

– Martin Søndergaard, CPO, CapaSystems

Updater Key Features

Spend less time patching

Spend minutes per month patching all your endpoints by automating with workflow.

Get insights and control

Updater gives you all you need to get insights and manage third-party software updates on your endpoints.

Scan for updates

Automatically scan all your endpoints for missing updates.

First-time Install

Need the software on an endpoint – no problem, you can install the third-party software even though the software is not installed.

Find and manage by filters

All endpoints can be managed with filters by selected values from the inventory.

High quality software and support

Technical support is offered in danish and english by our own experts. The product is designed and developed in Denmark by developers from CapaSystems A/S.

Yes – please show me immediately!

Let us show you how Updater can make a difference in your
organization and be your next tool when patching third-party software.