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With the latest release of CapaInstaller, we’ve taken yet another step towards fast, stable and streamlined Mobile Device Management – no matter whether you’re dealing with computer or devices, regardless of platform; Windows, Android, Knox, iOS or macOS.

An increasing number of employees are working from their own devices. Access to the company’s core systems is no longer protected by a login within the firewall’s secure environment. At the same time, IT must deploy, maintain and support an increasing number of devices on both traditional computers and mobile devices.

Without having a single access to all your systems, you risk wasting time, increased costs and severe security breaches – thats why CapaInstaller Mobile Device Management (MDM) is important.

Mobile Device Management

Workspace Management

When mobile devices must be configured and maintained parallel to traditional computers, it changes the workflows of the IT organization. It causes different kinds of tasks and challenges security in new ways.

We will help you support all devices
– regardless of platform.

Save Time

CapaInstaller lets you support all devices and operating systems from one centrally managed solution.

This gives you:

  • faster ROI and lover total costs
  • a way to automate manual processes
  • faster deployments and updates
  • complete control of all computers and mobile devices
Powerful Device Management

CapaInstaller – Your approach to Device Management now and in the Future

Get your devices up and running quickly

and have full visibility into your deployment

– whether its Windows, Android, Knox, iOS or macOS

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Get in totally control
Mobile Device Management3

Streamlined Configuration Management – Now with:

Agent Peering

Web-Based Management Portal

Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment

Apple Device Enrollment Program

Get value

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If you want further information about benefits of using CapaInstaller, read more about Device Management-benefits by clicking here or Software as a Service-benefits by clicking here.

Latest news



It has been on the wish list for a very long time that CapaInstaller is not only focusing on Windows but also opens up to operating systems developed by Apple Inc.

This is now possible – with CapaInstaller 5.6 we now support macOS as well: Hardware inventory, Software inventory, Application deployment, Volume Purchase Program, Device Enrollment Program, Reset and more…



CapaInstaller will ease the administrative burden additionally in the IT department offering CapaInstaller Self Service portal. With a single click in the Self Service Portal users gets new applications provisioned without IT is intervened.

Read more about Enterprise Application Store / Self Service



With the new web-based CapaInstaller Management Portal, IT departments can handle day-to-day operations easily and simply – no matter whether you distribute applications or configurations.

Save precious time by accessing the web-based Management Portal; it’s no longer necessary to install the software locally.



Microsoft has made a clear priorities, and new hardware models are Windows-10 ready and no longer Windows 7-compliant.

As Windows 10 becomes the new standard for business, we have added even more features to support the seamless deployment using CapaInstaller.

Let us add value to your business

…Use IT competences more efficiently…

…Increase IT productivity by reducing walk-ins, calls and tickets…

…Let users handle new updates themselves when notified by IT…

…Achieve balancing business offerings and employee needs…

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Supported OS





Smart Phones/Tablets




Key features
  • App Deployment
    Remote install and uninstall of enterprise, Apple App Store and Google Play apps.
  • Apple Device Enrollment Program
    Provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy your corporateowned iOS devices, whether purchased directly from Apple or through participation Apple Authorized Resellers
  • Apple Volume Purchase Program
    Automatically assign and withdraw licenses to IOS devices or Apple ID
  • Blacklist
    Prevent selected application from being used
  • Bulk Management
    Perform cross platform actions to groups of devices
  • Carrier Information
    Subscriber/current carrier, roaming status, SIM serial number, phone number
  • Certificates
    Integrate with certificates for secure applications usage
  • Commands
    Send commands on-demand to devices to request info, lock or wipe a device
  • Device identification
    Manufacturer, model, UDID, serial number, IMEI, host name
  • Device platform
    Operating system, version, build
  • Device signature
    Full commercial descriptive name e.g. “iPhone 7S 64GB”
  • Device Storage
    Primary capacity and space available
  • Encryption
    Enforce full device encryption according to industry standards
  • Installed Applications
    List installed applications and their version
  • Lock Single App
    Lock a device so it can only run one app. This is also known as kiosk mode
  • Lock/Wipe Device
    Lock device to protect a lost device, complete wipe (factory reset) of stolen device
  • Microsoft Exchange Support
    Set up access to corporate Microsoft Exchange mailbox using one configuration for all users
  • Network
    Configure access to Wi-Fi networks
  • Network Information
    Wi-Fi MAC address, Bluetooth MAC, IP addresses
  • Over-the-air (OTA) enrollment
    Enroll device without the need to install agent
  • Passcode
    Require a device passcode with configurable complexity, length, age, history
  • Queries
    Determine the frequency intervals at which the console captures device information
  • Reporting
    Generate reports with automated distribution without console access
  • Restrictions
    Lock down the ability to use specific device features, apps and web browsing
  • Samsung Knox Enrollment
    Knox Mobile Enrollment makes deploying thousands of devices quick and easy
  • Self Service Portal
    Enterprise App Store for users. Let users manage their own devices
  • Shortcuts
    Publish URL shortcuts (webclips) to home screen
  • Whitelist
    Enhance security by whitelisting application as safe to use

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