Tightening Security in CapaInstaller
May 16, 2024
CapaInstaller installation

With today’s release of CapaInstaller 6.6, your IT security is in the spotlight. We have, among other things, ensured that data transfer will be encrypted with HTTPS in the future.

All you need to do is update your CapaInstaller installation.

Recommendation: Let specialists enhance your security

In connection with the release, we are presenting an exclusive offer to our CapaInstaller users to improve the security of your operating environment. The latest version, 6.6 of CapaInstaller, introduces several enhancements designed to help you manage your endpoints even more securely and efficiently.

The offer includes a personal consultant visiting your company to update your CapaInstaller to the latest version, 6.6. But it doesn’t stop there. Our consultant will also review your settings and identify best practices for deploying Windows computers.