Cloud Updater


Cloud Updater from CapaFactory helps eliminate the heavy administrative work in connection with CapaDrivers and CapaWinUpgrade. Cloud Updater ensures automatically that both content packages and service files are always up to date

Cloud Updater

Free tool improving CapaDrivers and CapaWinUpgrade




“Cloud Updater is an entirely unique tool that makes life much easier for clients working with CapaDrivers and CapaWinUpgrade. It comes free of charge and has been developed to eliminate as much of the heavy administrative work as possible”

Dan Svendsen

Technical Program Manager, CapaSystems

Free tool

CapaDrivers and CapaWinUpgrade are supported by Cloud Updater, which is a free part of these services.

Cloud Updater finds out by itself which hardware models are used in the organisation and automatically ensures that you are always up to date. Cloud Updater also keeps track of the versions of Windows you use so that new content packages are always downloaded in your CapaInstaller environment.

Cloud Updater is developed by CapaSystems. New versions of CapaServices are thoroughly tested before their automatic release via Cloud Updater, which makes sure that you do not have to spend time on lots of manual work

Cloud Updater — minimizing manual work

Cloud Updater is CapaSystems’ unique free tool that makes work with CapaDrivers and CapaWinUpgrade a piece of cake. Cloud Updater quite simply ensures that CapaServices is always up to date.


always updated services


always updated content packages


always updated scripting libraries


no more searching and downloading


no more promoting


no more dreadful administration

Get a good price

Let us give you a good price for our CapaDrivers and CapaWinUpgrade services, with Cloud Updater from CapaFactory thrown in as part of the package

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