handle the daily IT tasks in the cloud

CapaOne is CapaSystems’ cloud-based platform focusing on all the daily IT disciplines that MUST be handled at ALL endpoints – without you necessarily having to be an expert in them all. Supports ALL deployment products — including, for example, CapaInstaller, SCCM and Intune.

Updating drivers is time-consuming, particularly in organizations that use different computer models. CapaOne Drivers eliminates the need for you to identify the drivers you need manually, find them, and then download and install them. The advantage offered by CapaOne Drivers is that the solution automatically registers old drivers and updates ALL of them.

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Privileged Access Management (PAM) will settle your stomach when the end users are going to handle installation on their own. There is no reason to worry about unintended changes, that could have serious consequences regarding safety because AdminOnDemand automatically controls up- and downscaling of user rights.

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Automatic updating of third-party software keeps your units secure against dangerous weaknesses and attacks. Proactive Patch Management using Updater gives network security, while preventing exploits, ransomware and other threats. The agent scans and shows where there are updates that need to be dealt with.

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The measurements, which are provided in a simple and clear UI, are directly connected to what the user experience. They are based on the well-known reliability value from Windows — where Reliability excels by gathering ALL reliability values for all computers at the company, thereby producing a full overview.

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Android MDM using CapaOne Android makes it easy and manageable – and the price level is affordable.With CapaSystems’ CapaOne products, you can add value and enrich your IT installation without being an expert, regardless of the choice of existing deployment solution

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If one or more security configurations pose a threat, you will know the challenge and can quickly pinpoint the cause using the detailed Security Inventory.
That way, CapaOne Security helps to minimize security risks and improve the company’s overall security level.

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Let us help you get the most out of your IT devices

We know that time matters for companies – both large and small. Thats why we develop software solutions that provide overviews and help automate and standardize IT infrastructures and end users’ IT tools.

Unified Endpoint Management

CapaInstaller is the complete UEM solution for managing
all of your company’s computers and devices.

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Mobile Device Management

CapaInstaller MDM enables you to centrally manage all of your devices and operating systems regardless of their platform.

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Performance Analytics

Stop using hours every day on finding applications and processes that steal resources from your end-user computers.

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CapaDrivers – a part of CapaServices

CapaServices are standard solutions that adds value to your Windows environment. The solutions are developed and maintained by CapaFactory Team and are fully supported by CapaSystems Customer Services at no extra cost. Some of the following CapaServices are offered:

CapaDrivers makes it easy to both install drivers on new computers and update these on existing ones. The service supports more than 90% of the hardware models of selected vendors aged 5 years or less. You no longer need to download and integrate driver packages from the manufacturers yourself when your company gets new models of hardware.

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CapaPacks puts you one step ahead in relation to security, creation and deployment of packages. With CapaPacks you can skip the daily monitoring for new security updates and patches for standard packages as well as the preparation of these for release. Let CapaPacks do the job – it is easy, inexpensive and smart.

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Drive encryption using BitLocker is an easy and secure way of protecting data – especially when implemented and managed using CapaInstaller. You needn’t worry about whether local data are protected in case of theft or unauthorised access to your computers.

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The CapaWinUpgrade service gives you a tool that makes it possible to easily upgrade your Windows 10 platform.You do not need to worry about spending resources on one of the IT Department’s most time-consuming tasks or developing yourselves a package that will ensure that your operating system is updated.

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That’s why you should choose CapaSystems

When it comes to delivering solutions and services that provide tangible value, CapaSystems is very dedicated. It is important to us that our customers feel at the center, and that is why we take their input seriously and develop software that incorporates the functionality required to ensure the most optimal IT workplace.

Optimal use of IT-resources

We welcome all input

One Solution all devices

Easy Daily Operations

React to facts, not feelings

Capainstaller Solution Brief
BitLocker med CapaInstaller
Windows 10 in-place upgrade

Our customers’ considerations

See what our customers are saying.
Please look at our many exciting cases and learn what makes a difference for our existing customers.

The writing may inspire you.

thansen: We needed something that works

thansen went for CapaSystems and CapaInstaller some time ago, because it was easy to use and helped us in our day-to-day work when rolling out the software. Apart from that, they are good at warning us when there are major Windows updates, so we are prepared and not taken by surprise.

thansen has been a CapaSystems client for more than 10 years…

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Fredericia Municipality

Considering that the Municipality has a small IT and Support Department that numbers less than 30 people, this requires a Device Management system that works, is easy to understand and can be used across various devices. CapaInstaller meets all these demands which is why the IT department at Fredericia Municipality uses CapaInstaller on all their digital devices.

They do this with CapaInstaller.

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Struer Municipality

The Municipality has been CapaSystems’ client since 2018.

Therefore, it also came entirely as a matter of course for the Municipality’s IT Department to contact CapaSystems directly when they had to re-saddle and choose an entirely new supplier because of problems with the delivery of brand-new computers for all teachers and students. 

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