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PerformanceGuard will help you identify
if, where and when
an end-user experiences
IT problems

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CapaInstaller is a deployment tool
which reduces downtime, manual processes
and helps you automate installation
on computer and devices

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mac OS

It has been on the wish list for a very long time that CapaInstaller is not only focusing on Windows but also opens up to operating systems developed by Apple Inc.
This will happen with the release of CapaInstaller 5.6 – now we support macOS: Hardware inventory, Software inventory, Application deployment, Volume Purchase Program, Device Enrollment Program, Reset and more…


Welcome to

PG AutoSteps

PerformanceGuard 7.3 has been released with the brand new acquisition product PerformanceGuard AutoSteps.
PerformanceGuard AutoSteps is synthetic monitoring that enables productivity by identifying issues even outside working hours with company’s applications and critical business IT-services.
PerformanceGuard AutoSteps features: Synthetic monitoring – installed in minutes, a scripting robot that covers your blind spots and End-user measurements – even without users present.


Ready for

iOS 11

iOS 11 has been released with new and improved features such as New Lockscreen, Notification Center and Control Panel. Enterprise customers can now add both iOS 11 devices to the Device Enrollment Program (DEP), and much more.
CapaInstaller is ready for the new iOS 11…


Windows Performance Counters

Windows Performance Counters are vital in advanced troubleshooting on Windows computers, but it can be a tedious task to gather this type of information – and most often a reactive one. With PerformanceGuard, you can continuously collect Windows Performance Counters of your choice from all relevant computers.

Why CapaSystems

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Our Customers

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This is how our customers save thousands of hours every day

Bang & Olufsen – have optimized their processes and freed up operations resources that they can now use for other important IT tasks.

DONG Energy – got hands-on access to performance information from all internal users’ computers. That has given them a good overview and a crystal-clear picture of any emerging IT issues with regard to performance and response times—now they can nip problems in the bud before they affect users.

Copenhagen City Council’s Corporate Service Center – uses PerformanceGuard to measure the quality of their services and document end users’ quality of experience. They are able to provide exact numbers and accurate measurements of user experiences instead of just declarations of intent.

VIA University College – has used PerformanceGuard and CapaInstaller to standardize processes and make sure that they are always one step ahead when they manage more than 10,000 computers and 17,000 Bring-Your-Own Devices at 52 locations with a total of 50,000 users.

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