Digital Experience Analytics


Be well aware of the fact:


Employees = the real success factor

In the digital era it has become vital to companies to focus on Digital Experience Analytics.

You need to know how your IT infrastructure meets the expectations of your workforce and

PerformanceGuard gives you the ability to create the most optimal employee experience.

I would like to know more about that…

Poor IT infrastructure will affect:

  • employee satisfaction
  • your ability to attract and retain skilled workforce
  • your company’s productivity
  • your company’s competitiveness



Fix the performance issues proactively

and improve your Digital Employee Experience radically

Dem Mand

With the end-user in focus for more than 16 years, PerformanceGuard offers a complete solution for

Digital Experience Analytics powered by our machine learning engine

with ultra-low footprint and quick implementation of all requirements.

The real value

Region of South Denmark

Region of South Denmark

User data tell a good story. We measure the improvement using PerformanceGuard…

Herning Municipality

Herning Municipality

PerformanceGuard gave us important speaking time in the boardroom…