CapaInstaller Case Study

The Holbæk Municipality

Holbæk Municipality implemented CapaInstaller in just 3 weeks – without a physical visit from one of CapaSystems consultants. It was all launched and made ready for content from the home office and via virtual meetings


Company Name: The Holbæk Municipality
Customer since: 2020

Holbæk Municipality is a municipality in the Region of Zealand – here more than 71,000 citizens have chosen to settle. The IT department has chosen to manage 4,500 devices using CapaInstaller

New Device Management System implemented in 3 weeks only

3 weeks. This is how long it took the Holbæk Municipality to have its new Device Management System, CapaInstaller, installed and ready for content from the moment the agreement was signed. The reason why the municipality was able to launch such a large-scale project in such a short time was both efficient project management and quick decision-making times in the municipality’s IT department.

“There is no doubt that much of the credit for the speed of implementation should go to Lars Olsen from CapaSystems, who was responsible for the entire process,” says Mads Peter Siboni, IT Operations Coordinator at the Holbæk Municipality.

Seamless implementation despite obstacle

The launch of this extensive IT project actually did not go without its hurdles. The new Device Management system, which is supposed to handle the municipality’s more than 4,500 devices, was namely scheduled for implementation at the very height of the corona crisis, when the country as a whole and, in particular, all municipality offices were locked down.

Holbæk Municipality

The entire process therefore had to be coordinated from home offices, via virtual meetings and with a lively, common chat room, where all agreements were concluded.

“Lars was extremely accessible throughout the entire process. This was what, in my opinion, was crucial for ensuring that everything went on so well; and, in all honesty, there is literally nothing I can put my finger on,” says Mads Peter Siboni and continues:

“Lars has brought so much energy and enthusiasm to the entire project, and it has rubbed so much off on everyone that the process has been a pleasure for me and my team. This has made my employees super motivated to get going and has also made it a very fun job for them, too.”

“There is no doubt that much of the credit for the speed of implementation should go to Lars Olsen from CapaSystems, who was responsible for the entire process.”

Mads Peter Siboni

IT Operations Coordinator, The Holbæk Municipality

CapaInstaller fit all parameters best

Even if CapaInstaller was not the cheapest system Mads Peter Siboni had been keeping his eyes on, it was nonetheless the system that ticked off most relevant boxes for the municipality.

After all, CapaInstaller’s implementation was not a cost-saving measure. It was rather aimed at raising the quality of the IT Department’s output to users by automating and streamlining the Device Management processes and ensuring the future scalability of the solution.

“What is important to was to have a flexible system that could be adapted to our needs. At the same time, we also consider it essential to be able to easily contact support so we can quickly and effectively deal with any problems we may encounter along the way,” says Mads Peter Siboni.

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“We come from a different system, which was more rigid, and where it was difficult to get qualified support. CapaSystems offers some flexibility and some functionalities that make it possible for us to get great value for money.” explains he.

Danish experience group vital for the development of the system

It might sound odd, but it was actually not unimportant that CapaSystems continuously arranges user group meetings, where CapaInstaller users can share their experience, get information on and provide input for coming features to CapaSystems’ developers and consultants.

With more than 15 years in the industry under his belt, Mads Peter Siboni knows that to avoid painting yourself up into a corner where, you can neither develop yourself, nor the working methods you are using, you need external input.

The so-called “CapaInstaller User Group” was therefore also an important factor for Mads Peter Siboni when he was considering systems.

“It always gives lots of food for thought to hear how other IT departments are using the system we are working with on a daily basis. This means that we get input on how to make our workflows more efficient and how we can come closer to a more automated workflow so our employees can focus on the interesting and demanding part of their jobs and leave over all trivial stuff to the computer,” concludes Mads Peter Siboni.

The many benefits

The Holbæk Municipality points out the following benefits of CapaInstaller:

trouble-free implementation

high quality

high availability

flexible system

competent support

Danish experience group

Why CapaInstaller is the right solution to choose:


You are in complete control of computers and mobile devices


You achieve ROI faster due to lower total costs for maintenance and administration


You can centralize and standardize your IT services


You can reduce time in deployment, distribution and maintenance

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