The PerformanceGuard – Office 365 service makes it possible for you to take a closer look at your Office 365 environment. Get a 3 month FREE trial

Proactive 365 analyzis

Response times & availability

Objective SLA measurements

Use af data centres

Get an insight: Is it your own infrastructure that creates the problems or the Office 365 environment?

See response times and availability divided by service and location

Get objective measurements of your Office 365 environment and compliance with your Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Get a clear understanding of which data centers exactly are used for transmitting your data worldwide

Get an idea of the Office 365 performance challenges

For many, Office 365 is a business-critical service in the Cloud, with a quality that often defies proper observation or measurement.

The PerformanceGuard – Office 365 service now offers the option to analyze performance and get an idea of where exactly in the response time chain the problem occurs. Is it your own infrastructure that creates the problems, or is challenges in the Office 365 environment?

Which service is creating the problem

  • Common
  • Exchange
  • Skype/Teams
  • SharePoint

Reduce user downtime and increase productivity


Get an overview

Find the cause

Office 365 seen from PerformanceGuard

The PerformanceGuard – Office 365 service consists of three dashboards in your existing PerformanceGuard installation. All of them have a drill-down functionality that reaches all the way down to the status of each individual PC client.

Get PerformanceGuard – Office 365 right now for free in 3 month

Office 365 Service Traffic

The Office 365 Service Traffic dashboard displays compiled activities from selected services in your Office 365 solution, shows amount of sent and received traffic and provides an insight into availability and response times.

Office 365 Service and Location events

The Office 365 Service and Location events dashboard displays compiled activities from selected services in your Office 365 solution based on individual locations.

Office 365 Service Overview

The Office 365 Service Overview dashboard displays an overview of the services available in your Office 365 solution.

Citrix Monitoring
Business Transaction Monitoring
PerformanceGuard Enterprise Edition
PerformanceGuard AutoSteps
Welcome to CapaOne MDM 

Welcome to CapaOne MDM 

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Easy-to-use CapaOne MDM

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Minimum impact on performance (2-3%, according to multiple forums)


Full drive encryption


No user impact with Trusted Platform Module (TPM)


Command line based management tools

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Benefits of BitLocker

Benefits of BitLocker

Benefits of BitLocker

Get a more secure client platform by fully utilising the BitLocker security tool.

Increase security even further by using the additional security settings, e.g. Secure Boot.

Detect Office 365 performance issues

PerformanceGuard – Office 365 adds an extra dimension to your troubleshooting

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