CapaInstaller Case Study

Operations Support Wings

Since 2008, Operations Support Wings in Karup have used CapaInstaller to manage their computers and have thus automated part of their IT operations


Company Name: Operations Support Wings
Customer since: 2008

The Training Centre is educating all national servicemen, privates and sergeants, and reserve officers to the work in the Air Force.
Furthermore, the Training Centre offers course activities, for instance continuation and further training of the Air Force staff operations.

When ambitions are high and time is short

Drastic growth in the number of clients made it difficult for the Operations Support Wings to cope with the situation, until CapaInstaller appeared and became an important co-player

3,500 trainees and participants, who are offered 91 different educations. 22 classrooms scattered in an area equivalent to 2,575 football fields – or 26 square metres.

These are facts about the Operations Support Wings (OSW), which is placed in Flyvestation Karup, Central Jutland. Another fact is that before CapaInstaller became part of the tool box of the IT-department, the IT-employees in OSW were under a lot of time pressure in connection with transportation from one classroom to another. Also reinstallations and general IT maintenance of the large number of computers were tremendously time consuming.

“The price, compared to the efficiency we were offered, made CapaSystems a winner.”

Ulrik Jørgensen

IT Manager, Operations Support Wings

3 suppliers in play

– As the number of clients increased, I realised that we needed to automate some of the tasks in connection with updating of our computers. We needed a tool, which was able to deploy OS and other software, support WOL and report to AD and also had an easy og clear dashboard, IT Manager Ulrik Jørgensen, OSW, explains.

OSW chose 3 suppliers: CapaSystems, Acronis and Symantec, who got the chance to present their solutions.

– The price, compared to the efficiency we were offered, made CapaSystems a winner, Ulrik Jørgensen says.

Better an more intuitive

The IT department of OSW manages approximately 900 computers, of which 400 are equipped with CapaInstaller. These computers are reinstalled 2-4 times each year and CapaInstaller plays an important role


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in this connection. Software is updated, packages are maintained, installations and deployments take place – all this is managed from one location without the need to visit each individual class room.

If you ask the IT employees at OSW to describe CapaInstaller, they use words like intuitive, high functionality, stable and great, graphic details.

– The daily tasks have changed. We have achieved an overview and surplus to teach new end users, replace computers and monitors, network and servers. Now, we have sufficient time to do preventive work. Every Tuesday we make an IT ward round, in which IT supporters visit various locations and
ask if the end users are satisfied with their computer. This custom is correcting minor problems and prevents them from getting bigger, the IT manager explains with a twinkle in his eye.

Ulrik Jørgensen estimates that CapaInstaller has released OSW for one employee’s work and the economic gain is supported even more by the overview given by the Asset Management module in relation to software, hardware and licences.

– We have a goal to be trendsetting as to IT functionality and solutions within the Danish Air Force and we believe, that we are able to reach that goal now.


It should be effective

As the Operations Support Wing was looking for a tool to automate parts of their operations, it was important that it became a tool that could reduce the time otherwise spent on transportation from one location to another.


OSW had a heavy time pressure in connection with transport from one location to another, reinstallations and general IT maintenance.

The IT department needed to automate some of the these tasks. They wanted a tool to deploy OS and software, support WOL and report to AD. Also this tool should have an easy and clear dashboard.


CapaInstaller makes it possible to have a simple, efficient central administration of Microsoft Windows based computers.

CapaInstaller has reduced costs in connection with installation, deployment and maintenance. Furthermore, the Asset Management module has facilitated a simple and effective administration of software, user- and hardware inventory, which are automatically collected from boths computers and users.

Why CapaInstaller is the right solution to choose:


You are in complete control of computers and mobile devices


You achieve ROI faster due to lower total costs for maintenance and administration


You can centralize and standardize your IT services


You can reduce time in deployment, distribution and maintenance

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