CapaInstaller Case Study

Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen has been a customer of CapaSystems since 2010 and has since used CapaInstaller and since then bought CapaInstaller MDM


Company Name: Bang & Olufsen
Customer since: 2010

Bang & Olufsen was founded in 1925 in Struer and is known around the world for its characteristic range of quality audio, video and multimedia products. They employ over 1,000 employees.

Proximity providing value – now and in the future

Bang & Olufsen are convinced that the decision to switch to CapaInstaller was correct. The processes have been optimized and the feeling of proximity provides security in daily life, where IT must not prevent any development of one of the world’s strongest brands

Bang & Olufsen’s reputation is based on the development of its own unique technologies, impressive design, creative solutions, excellent quality and a strong desire to strive for perfection. That’s why it is vital, that IT systems do not restrict or slow down any progress.

When the IT department at Bang & Olufsen, after 10 years of close collaboration with M-net, had to uncover the market for alternative deployment solutions, their attention was basically focussed on Microsoft SCCM.

They did a pilot study testing SCCM, because they actually thought, that it was the obvious replacement for M-net.

With a focus on users, the client group and staff of the Service Desk, the IT Department had to reconsider the initial choice. SCCM simply delivers one large interface for everything, which was very confusing. Since it was not just a question of deploying Windows on the computers, SCCM would only cover 30-50% of the functionalities Ban & Olufsen had via M-net. The IT

Department use the system in many other contexts. It is used as a tool in our Service Desk and to the package distribution – but it is just as important, that they are able to perform license management. If SCCM was to cover these needs, an ’add on’ was required. CapaInstaller from CapaSystems actually covered all our needs with a standard solution.

“The most important value was the feeling of proximity and first year outcome.”

IT Department

Bang & Olufsen

A quick look at the IT department’s infrastructure explains, why B&O actually had good reasons to choose SCCM.

Via interaction the IT Department would be able to tie things together through SCCM and in the long term there could be some good synergies. But one thing is the future opportunities, another is the current need. The most important value was the feeling of proximity and first years outcome. We needed the opportunity to deploy in a supported environment, and did not have focus on the interaction. That said, the IT Departmenter certainly thought about the future, when they implemented CapaInstaller, since B&O didn’t want to be locked a few years from now.

The feeling of proximity was crucial

The IT Department explains, that they have experienced a lot of positive things working with CapaSystems. The CapaInstaller User Group is a

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perfect opportunity to have a dialogue with other users, and the events organised by CapaSystems give a good impression of the people behind the product.

– CapaSystems is ’providing value’ and they have a direct dialogue with the customers, says the members of the IT Department.

Gradually as they use the product, they naturally experience things that they would like to adapt and do more B&O-like.

And fortunately they have the opportunity to do this as CapaInstaller is developed in VBScript. Unsolved matters are forwarded to CapaSystems Support as a feature request.

– And it is our clear impression, that they are listening to our experiences. CapaSystems assesses the requests coming in, based on whether it is something, that only gives value to B&O, or whether it is a request, which in fact can provide more value to the product. And the possibility of influence and dialogue makes a huge difference, the members of the IT Department says and concludes:

– It’s the feeling of proximity that gives value now and in future.

Many advantages

B&O points out the following advantages of CapaInstaller:

Competent support and expert consultants

Intutive tool

Great overview and high functionality

Unattended reinstallation

Great user satisfaction and feeling of proximity

Why CapaInstaller is the right solution to choose:


You are in complete control of computers and mobile devices


You achieve ROI faster due to lower total costs for maintenance and administration


You can centralize and standardize your IT services


You can reduce time in deployment, distribution and maintenance

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