We help you support all mobile devices with CapaInstaller Mobile Device Management – regardless of platform. Mobile Device Management is part of CapaInstaller, the simple and complete Unified Endpoint Management solution

Using Mobile Device Management you will get:


faster ROI and lover total costs


a way to automate manual processes


faster deployments and updates


complete control of all computers and mobile devices

“I am sure we are not the only company that has tried a large number of systems before finding the tool that works. For us, it is all about having a comprehensive view and full control of security in regards to how we handle the mobile units, and these are some of the benefits CapaInstaller MDM has given us.”

IT Department, IT Operations Coordinator, Holbæk Municipality

“There is no doubt that much of the credit for the speed of implementation should go to Lars Olsen from CapaSystems, who was responsible for the entire process. Lars was extremely accessible throughout the entire process. This was what, in my opinion, was crucial for ensuring that everything went on so well; and, in all honesty, there is literally nothing I can put my finger on”

Mads Peter Siboni, IT Operations Coordinator, Holbæk Municipality

“As the number of clients increased, I realized that we needed to automate some of the tasks in connection with updating of our computers. The price, compared to the efficiency we were offered, made CapaSystems a winner”

Ulrik Jørgensen, IT Manager, Operations Support Wings

Mobile Device Management Key Features

Different vendors different ways to enroll, CapaInstaller supports them all: Apple Device Enrollment Program, Samsung Knox Enrollment, and Zero-touch.

Enrollment all methods is a streamlined process for getting the mobile devices managed in CapaInstaller already when delivered from the reseller.


Require a device passcode with configurable complexity, length, age, history


Configure access to Wi-Fi networks with passwords or certificates.


Use device and user certificates for Wi-Fi and exchange using your existing on-premises infrastructure using SCEP.

NFC and QR Enrollment

With android, it’s possible to use the CapaInstaller Enrollment Application to enroll devices into the system with preconfigured settings such as language.


Enforce full device encryption according to industry standards.

Microsoft Exchange Support

Set up access to corporate Microsoft Exchange mailbox using one configuration for all users.

Carrier Information

Subscriber/current carrier, roaming status, SIM serial number, phone number.

Manage Updates

Force iOS Updates and manage Android update policies to control the operating system updates for the devices.

Lock/Wipe Device

Lock device to protect a lost device, complete wipe (factory reset) of stolen device.

Office 365 Support

Setup Office 365 settings with AppConfig.


Generate reports with all or selected inventory collected from the devices – reports are available as web reports.


Lock down the ability to use specific device features, apps and web browsing.

App Deployment

Remote install and uninstall of enterprise, Apple App Store and Google Play apps.


Publish URL shortcuts (webclips) to home screen

Android Enterprise
Validated by Google Android Enterprise for mobility management solutions that support Android Enterprise advanced and standard features.
Apple Volume Purchase Program

Automatically assign and withdraw licenses to IOS devices or Apple ID.

App Config
Configure application with AppConfig.
Device identification
Manufacturer, model, UDID, serial number, IMEI, host name.
Bulk Management

Perform cross-platform actions to groups of devices.

Self Service Portal

Enterprise App Store for users. Let users manage their own devices.

Application Inventory

List installed applications and their version so you can see, update or prevent selected application.

Hardware Inventory

Get all the information about the device’s hardware information, such as: Network information: Wi-Fi MAC address, Bluetooth MAC, IP addresses.

Platform: Operating system, version, and build. Device Storage: Primary capacity and space available.

Unique information that can’t be collected directly on the device like A full commercial descriptive name, e.g., “iPhone XR 64GB.”

Over-the-air (OTA) Enrollment

Enroll device without the need to install agent.

Get in totally control with streamlined Configuration Management:

  • iOS Enrollment
  • iPadOS Enrollment
  • Android Enrollment
  • macOS Enrollment
  • tvOS Enrollment
  • Chrome OS Enrollment

Complete Mobile Device Management

An increasing number of employees are working from their own devices. Access to the company’s core systems is no longer protected by a login within the firewall’s secure environment. At the same time, IT must deploy, maintain and support an increasing number of devices on both traditional computers and mobile devices.

Without having a single access to all your systems, you risk wasting time, increased costs and severe security breaches – thats why Mobile Device Management (MDM) is important. Mobile Device Management is part of CapaInstaller, the simple and complete Unified Endpoint Management solution


Workspace Management

When mobile devices must be configured and maintained parallel to traditional computers, it changes the workflows of the IT organization. It causes different kinds of tasks and challenges security in new ways.

We know all the challenges and we will guide you – all the way.  

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