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CapaSystems specializes in developing software that helps companies to
greater efficiency by either monitoring the end-user performance or taking over all manual processes


PerformanceGuard will help you identify if, where and when an end-user experiences IT problems


CapaInstaller is a deployment tool which reduces downtime, manual processes and helps you automate installation on computer and devices


We can handle almost any challenge that can arise in a network, from desktop management and software distribution to development and many other activities

Courses & training

We supply courses and demonstrations to all our products in order to provide our customers the necessary skills to handle the solutions of CapaSystems.

it performance monitoring

PerformanceGuard helps you identify IT problems whenever and wherever they occur, whatever the cause, and whichever end-user they affect. It does this by monitoring the actual quality and quantity of IT service deliveries from the end-user perspective

Saves time and give true insight into performance of end-user devices
End-user experience with hardware and software can be measured. If the end-user eg. experience long response time on the ERP system, then PerformanceGuard will give the IT department the clear facts on how slow the system is running. This proactive approach makes it possible for the IT department to react on an exact measurement instead of user feeling

PerformanceGuard gives non-frustrated end-users
Recurring IT problems and wasted time waiting for HelpDesk can result in end-user irritation, frustration or stress. PerformanceGuard collects, monitors and supports the observation made by the end-user ensuring the IT departments focus on the challenge and problem solving

....with PerformanceGuard you can identify downtime, monitor user experiences, measure and evaluate defined KPI's and much more within seconds!


Customer statement

"With PerformanceGuard we are able to pinpoint specific problems in our infrastructure very quickly and without the need for external consultants"
Allan Christiansen, Head of Infrastructure, The Capital Region of Denmark, Center for IT, Medico & Telephony

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