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CapaSystems specializes in developing software that helps companies to
greater efficiency by either monitoring the end-user performance or taking over all manual processes


PerformanceGuard will help you identify if, where and when an end-user experiences IT problems


CapaInstaller is a deployment tool which reduces downtime, manual processes and helps you automate installation on computer and devices


We can handle almost any challenge that can arise in a network, from desktop management and software distribution to development and many other activities

Courses & training

We supply courses and demonstrations to all our products in order to provide our customers the necessary skills to handle the solutions of CapaSystems.

This is how our customers save thousands of hours every day!

Bang & Olufsen have optimized their processes and freed up operations resources that they can now use for other important IT tasks. 

DONG Energy got hands-on access to performance information from all internal users' computers. That has given them a good overview and a crystal-clear picture of any emerging IT issues with regard to performance and response times—now they can nip problems in the bud before they affect users.

Copenhagen City Council's Corporate Service Center uses PerformanceGuard to measure the quality of their services and document end user's quality of experience. They are able to provide exact numbers and accurate measurements of user experiences instead of just declarations of intent.

VIA University College has used PerformanceGuard and CapaInstaller to standardize processes and make sure that they are always one step ahead when they manage more than 10,000 computers and 17,000 Bring-Your-Own Devices at 52 locations with a total of 50,000 users.

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Customer statement

"With PerformanceGuard we are able to pinpoint specific problems in our infrastructure very quickly and without the need for external consultants"
Allan Christiansen, Head of Infrastructure, The Capital Region of Denmark, Center for IT, Medico & Telephony

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