Welcome to PowerShell in CapaInstaller
March 27, 2023
PowerShell in CapaInstaller

Today, CapaInstaller 6.5 is being released by the developers, which means a warm welcome to a feature that many of our customers have been requesting: The ability to build packages with PowerShell in CapaInstaller.

In the earlier versions of CapaInstaller, PowerShell scripts had to be executed from the VBScript with a command. In CapaInstaller 6.5, a brand new PowerShell execution engine has been developed to support PowerShell scripts directly from CapaInstaller. We call them PowerPacks.

CapaInstaller 6.5 includes:

👉 Automatic creation of apps purchased through Apple VPP

👉 The ability to uninstall applications directly from the catalog

What do you need to do?

Upgrade your installation to version 6.5!