About CapaSystems

CapaSystems is a Danish software development company and consultancy.

Since 1996 we’ve been dedicated to delivering software solutions that provide our customers with better overview and improved end-user quality.


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Our Company

CapaSystems A/S is one of the leading providers of Management of IT Workspaces and Real End-User Experience and employs 52 employees located in two offices, in Taastrup and Skanderborg respectively.

Currently CapaSystems has customers placed in numerous countries – customers that make use of CapaSystems platforms; CapaInstaller or PerformanceGuard.


CapaSystems are continuously looking for new colleagues for exciting and challenging jobs. Learn more about our company.

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News & Press

We like to give our customers  input about our solutions as well as news about what happens in the IT Industry overall.

Case Studies

CapaSystems has customers in Denmark and abroad.

Read about their experience with CapaSystems software – CapaInstaller and PerformanceGuard.

Data Insight

Get technical insight into CapaInstaller and PerformanceGuard.

We have made an overall overview of both Datasheets and Solution Brief.

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