CapaServices Raises the Value of Our Solutions
February 2, 2021

CapaServices eliminates the elements of uncertainty in connection with custom-made solutions, while simultaneously materially raising their quality

Written by Technical Program Manager, Dan Svendsen

In the spring of 2019, CapaSystems made a decision to standardise the most sought-after, custom-made solutions that had been developed for many of our clients over time.

And we gave these standardised solutions the common name of CapaServices.

We offer CapaServices as an option so that clients can freely opt for the solution or solutions that add most value to their specific business.

Some of our Services were invented a long time ago, which is why most people are already familiar with both CapaPacks and CapaImages.

The story behind CapaServices

When our consultants were meeting for engineering days and other social events, it often turned out that they had all encountered the same technical challenges and had therefore designed and developed almost identical solutions for our clients.

But the challenge that comes with solutions that are designed and developed by an individual consultant can be, among other things, lack of regular maintenance or lack of time for the consultant to troubleshoot the solution at a short notice if it is acting up.

It is typically the client for whom the consultant develops the solution that pays all development costs — but there is still no guarantee that the solution would work with the next version of Windows. Moreover, clients are not aware of the running costs for maintenance of the current solution. At the same time, a client could also risk paying for the time another consultant would spend on getting acquainted with the solution if the consultant who had developed the solution did not have time, was ill or had left the company.

This is the entire reason why CapaSystems currently has a dedicated team of employees who are in charge of development as well as 2nd and 3rd level support for CapaServices.

Better and quicker support

Previously, clients could experience up to 4 weeks of waiting if the consultant who had developed the custom solution did not have time to troubleshoot it. This was obviously far from optimal, which is why troubleshooting nowadays is provided by our customer service, which replies within a couple of hours. 

CapaServices has made it possible for us to put together input from consultants and clients and standardize and improve custom solutions that had previously been developed for individual clients.

All employees in our customer service as well as our consultants have in-depth knowledge of CapaServices, which is why clients no longer have to wait for a consultant to free up his or her schedule if one of the solutions in your environment is acting up.

The continuous maintenance of CapaServices means that you as a client will always be guaranteed the compatibility of the solution with the most recent versions of Windows. At the same time, you do not have to pay for training time if we have to appoint another consultant on the task, because the consultant who normally deals with it does not have time or is ill.

Development is driven by your input

At CapaSystems, it is the customers’ input and ideas that determine which functions and features will be included in future products and solutions. This naturally also applies for CapaServices.

Therefore, it is also natural for us to involve both existing and new clients in the process of design and development of new solutions. We do this, among other things, through interviews and continuous mentoring. In addition, the members of our CapaInstaller User Group  provide really good input and ideas for development of new solutions and improvement of existing ones.

The involvement of our clients in the process has made it possible to, among other things, customize most CapaServices to match the needs of individual clients, yet still remain a standardized solution.

Do not hesitate to write us here if you have good input or ideas for a new or existing CapaService.

Made in Denmark

CapaSystems has opted to keep the development in-house in order to thereby ensure that the quality of CapaServices is as high as altogether possible.

Therefore, the dedicated team behind CapaServices also primarily consists of senior consultants with many years of experience.

As a client, you will be assigned a developer from the dedicated team as soon as an issue is escalated by our customer service.