Welcome to CapaOne MDM 
April 11, 2024
CapaOne MDM

We are introducing CapaOne MDM, the newest member of the CapaOne family. This innovative, cloud-based platform revolutionizes IT administration, offering a user-friendly experience even for those who need prior expert knowledge. 

In a remarkable feat, our development team delivered a complete CapaOne MDM solution. This powerful tool allows you to enroll, configure, and monitor your mobile devices swiftly, whether it’s Android or Apple iOS. 

Now you can: 

  • get control of employees on the go 
  • ensure an effortless process toward NIS2 compliance 
  • increase IT security 
  • be up and running in 10 minutes 
  • get free personal support 

You get EVERYTHING you need in one MDM solution – and you don’t have to miss out on specific features to find the right price. ✨ ALL IS INCLUDED ✨