Release CapaInstaller 5.5 – let users manage their own devices
September 22, 2017

Why not make it easier with Self-Service / Enterprise App Store?
Today’s businesses expect that employees can accomplish their work-related tasks on mobile devices as well as on traditional computers – next step is Self-Service/Enterprise App Store.

The latest version of CapaInstaller, released today, is giving IT the opportunity to reduce time-consuming manual tasks by offering CapaInstaller Self Service Portal. With a single click in the Selv Service Portal users gets new applications provisioned without IT is intervened.

Get the following value:

  • Use IT competences more efficiently
  • Increase IT productivity by reducing walk-ins, calls and tickets
  • Let users handle new updates themselves when notified by IT
  • Achieve balancing business offerings and employee needs

With the latest release of CapaInstaller, we’ve taken yet another step towards fast, stable and streamlined Configuration Management – no matter whether you’re dealing with devices or computers.

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New customer

New customer

The sales team has closed another order – this time we welcome yet another IT outsourcing company...

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