PerformanceGuard – now with synthetic monitoring
November 21, 2017

Capasystems is releasing version 7.3 of the monitoring tool PerformanceGuard – a release including an acquisition module PerformanceGuard AutoSteps. CapaSystems now offers end user monitoring 24/7 with this new release.

The optimal IT operations department identifies the problems with company’s applications and business critical IT services before they lead to reduced productivity from users. This is precisely what this release of PerformanceGuard 7.3 offers in the form of synthetic monitoring 24/7 with a completely new feature PerformanceGuard AutoSteps.

PerformanceGuard AutoSteps is synthetic monitoring that enables productivity by identifying issues even outside working hours with company’s applications and critical business IT-services.

PerformanceGuard AutoSteps features:

  • Synthetic monitoring – installed in minutes
  • A scripting robot that covers your blind spots
  • End-user measurements – even without users present

PerformanceGuard AutoSteps establishes an effective operation in a perfect combination of synthetic and real end-user monitoring on a single console.

During working hours, a combination of end user measurements and synthetic measurements gives the highest level of insight into the quality of the service provided to the end users.

Outside working hours, PerformanceGuard AutoSteps performs synthetic measurements that help you detect problems as and when they occur, instead of waiting for the users to complain when they arrive at work.

New customer

New customer

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