NIRAS: DKK 300,000 saved in licenses
January 15, 2019

For the IT department at the engineering consulting company, Niras, a comprehensive view of the company’s software is a must when managing approximately 5,000 units in seven countries. The possibility of creating such a comprehensive view was an important factor when deciding to use CapaInstaller from CapaSystems.

NIRAS uses CapaInstaller to monitor the company’s active and passive licences. A software advisor from Gartner estimates that service companies can save up to 30 % on licences by cancelling passive licences. That is a lot of money to save.

“If some software hasn’t been used after 60 days, the licence will automatically be cancelled. That contributes to trim the fat from the machinery while keeping down the number of active licences. When we started using CapaInstaller in 2005, we cut DKK 300,000 in unused licences. That’s not to be sneezed at’, says Søren D. Nielsen, System Deployment Manager at NIRAS.

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