CapaWinUpgrade now supports Windows 11
November 9, 2021

Today we release the new version of CapaWinUpgrade v. 5.0.

CapaWinUpgrade from CapaSystems prepares you for upcoming feature upgrades. The streamlined and automated manner of handling feature upgrades can now be used for both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

In two words, CapaWinUpgrade is ready when you are.

In addition to supporting Windows 11, the service also comprises the following new features:

  • Windows 11 — supports upgrade to Windows 11
  • Upgrade Phases — improves the way package status is presented during upgrade and makes troubleshooting easier
  • Prompt before upgrades — gives the option to always prompt before an upgrade commences, whether or not a user is logged.
  • Set & Forget — automatically stops the upgrade if the respective package is already installed
  • Reboot behaviour — devices are rebooted automatically before upgrade to raise the success rate of the upgrade

If you do not have the service yet – contact us right away, and we will give you a good price. In November we offer the implementation for free

Cloud Updater — minimising manual work

Today we also release a new version of Cloud Updater.

Cloud Updater is CapaSystems’ unique free tool that makes work with CapaDrivers and CapaWinUpgrade a piece of cake. Cloud Updater quite simply ensures that CapaServices is always up to date.

  • Always updated services
  • Always updated content packages
  • Always updated scripting libraries
  • No more searching and downloading
  • No more promoting
  • No more dreadful administration

Cloud Updater finds out by itself which hardware models are used in the organisation and automatically ensures that you are always up to date.

Cloud Updater also keeps track of the versions of Windows you use so that new content packages are always downloaded in your CapaInstaller environment.

REMEMBER — free tool checker if your hardware is ready for Windows 11

As client of CapaInstaller, you still have the option to download the Windows 11 Hardware Readiness Tool.

The Windows 11 Hardware Readiness Tool is developed by CapaSystems to check which of your devices in CapaInstaller contains hardware that is compatible with Windows 11. This enables you to always be abreast of developments and plan possible investments in connection with Windows 11 upgrades.