It is possible to register using QR code, email registration, Zero Touch registration (ZTE), as well as Knox Mobile registration (KME).

Manage Updates

Easy management of remote applications (public, private, and web-based), handling all updates, managing permissions, and configuring app settings.




Enforcement of robust passwords, immediate lock/unlock capabilities, remote wipe-out, operating system update administration, FRP deactivation, and prevention of factory resets.



Impose passcode with configurable parameters, including varying degrees of complexity, specific length requirements, established age or validity periods, and tracking of passcode history.



Implement stringent measures to ensure full device encryption in line with best practices and recognized industry standards, enhancing data security and integrity across all devices.


Lock/Wipe Devices

Immediately securing a device to safeguard in case of loss, along with the ability to completely erase all data and revert it to factory settings to minimize the risk.


Managed Configuration

The functionality allows IT admins to specify and control settings for applications on all devices remotely. This ensures that apps behave by the company’s policies and guidelines.


Application Inventory

Overview of the installed applications and their respective versions, so you can see which ones are available, update them as needed, or prevent certain applications from running.



Configure and manage access to Wi-Fi networks using passwords or certificates. This allows you to establish secure connections, ensuring that only authorized devices can access these networks.


Office 365 Support

Streamline the setup process of Office 365 settings on your devices. This function allows you to ensure that all installations of Office 365 adhere to predefined parameters.


Device Identification

Identify a device’s specifications by collecting comprehensive information, such as the manufacturer’s name, the model of the device, Unique Device Identifier (UDID), serial number, IMEI, and hostname.


Hardware Inventory

Obtain essential information about the device’s hardware, including network details like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MAC addresses, IP addresses, platform data (operating system, version, and build), storage capacity, and available space.


Android Enterprise

Validated by Google Android Enterprise for Mobile Device Management solutions that support advanced and standard features in Android Enterprise.


Bulk Management

To ensure consistency and effective management, performing actions across all  Android devices is possible.


Security overview

CapaOne Security monitors your endpoints’ most critical security configurations, including antivirus, encryption, and firewall.