Windows 10
in-place upgrade

The Windows 10 in-place upgrade service gives you a tool that makes it possible to easily upgrade your Windows 10 platform
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Because there is so much else your IT department can spend its time on

You do not need to worry about:

  • spending resources on one of the IT Department’s most time-consuming tasks
  • developing yourselves a package that will ensure that your operating system is updated
  • having to upgrade or reinstall all of your company’s computers manually—at the risk of losing local data

The Windows 10 in-place upgrade service gives you a tool that makes it possible to easily upgrade your Windows 10 platform.

The consultants on our team have a vast experience in Windows 10 in-place upgrades and now offer it as a service that is easily accessible and easy to order. Just get in touch with your Technical Account Manager directly or book the service via CapaSystems’ main telephone number.


Nice to know

New builds from Microsoft are typically only supported for 18 months – it is therefore necessary to ensure that your platform is up-to-date

The service includes:

We have developed a service consisting of 4 steps:

  • A compatibility check is run for all computers in order to identify if they are ready for upgrade
  • The existing and the new Windows version will be compared before the installation to prevent unnecessary (double) upgrades and to take into account existing language packages
  • A clean-up package is run in the end to ensure that all old installation files and temporary data are removed
  • The upgrade history is logged, which provides an overview and can continuously be used for troubleshooting

Consulting service focusing on your business

When offering consulting service, we’re focused on your business.

Our aim is to add value and give you the opportunity to use your time the most appropriately way.

Benefits of Windows 10 in-place upgrade


Simple upgrade of your operating system


Time-saving service that you can keep up-to-date on yourselves


Option for keeping earlier customisations and tailored programs


Language packages are handled before the upgrade and are restored after it


Old installation files and temporary data are subsequently removed


Complete overview and history of all computers—which ones can be and which ones have already been upgraded?


High-quality software packages—designed by experienced consultants from the CapaSystems Consultant Team


Delivery of a thoroughly-tested software package

Using this consultant service from CapaSystems will guarantee you a streamlined Windows 10 in-place upgrade developed by CapaSystems.

Allow us to take care of these tedious and rather time-consuming tasks so that you can spend your own time on developing your IT business.

Windows 10 upgrade FAQ

“A Windows 10 in-place upgrade has long been a major wish of our customers, who have been spending lots of hours on their operations when Microsoft launches new builds. Now we have developed a service that makes their work much easier…

Dan Svendsen, Senior Consultant, CapaSystems
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Windows 10 in-place upgrade – a part of CapaServices

CapaServices are standard solutions that adds value to your Windows environment. The solutions are developed and maintained by CapaFactory Team and are fully supported by CapaSystems Customer Services at no extra cost. In addition to Windows 10 in-place upgrade, the following CapaServices are offered:

CapaDrivers makes it easy to both install drivers on new computers and update these on existing ones. The service supports more than 90% of the hardware models of selected vendors aged 5 years or less. You no longer need to download and integrate driver packages from the manufacturers yourself when your company gets new models of hardware.


Read more about CapaDrivers

CapaImages are the fastes way to an always updated Windows Image.The large amount of security patches and new builds has increased over the years. This has raised a constant need to update Windows images, which is a time-consuming task. CapaSystems monitors releases of patches and builds for you and ensures that you are informed as soon as new images are ready for download.


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CapaPacks puts you one step ahead in relation to security, creation and deployment of packages. With CapaPacks you can skip the daily monitoring for new security updates and patches for standard packages as well as the preparation of these for release. Let CapaPacks do the job – it is easy, inexpensive and smart.


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Drive encryption using BitLocker is an easy and secure way of protecting data – especially when implemented and managed using CapaInstaller. You needn’t worry about whether local data are protected in case of theft or unauthorised access to your computers.


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