Who Are CapaSystems and Why Should You Consider CapaInstaller?
December 9, 2021

If your company opts for CapaSystems based on who we are and how we differ from the rest, it is worth noting that we are a local Danish company operating on a heavy market.

CapaSystems is a Danish-owned software company that has more than 25 years of experience in the development of software solutions that ensure that users in both Denmark and abroad get the maximum out of their IT equipment. The software solutions we create help automate and standardise IT infrastructure, permitting IT Departments to save time and get the overall picture.  

CapaInstaller is just one of our products, but also the cornerstone for the comprehensive solution for all of your users. CapaInstaller makes it easy for your IT staff to administer all of your devices.  

CapaInstaller is a fitted solution within Unified Endpoint Management, where no task is either too big or too little, so, to cut a long story short, CapaInstaller can solve all problems in this field.  

CapaInstaller leaves it to your IT Department to choose when to upgrade and update your employees’ devices. Our interface in CapaInstaller is simple and easy to work in, and our objective is quite clearly that you experience what it means to have easy day-to-day operation and optimal utilisation of your equipment.  

How do we differ from the rest?  

In the old days of IT, most companies bought only whatever they needed, but, nowadays, they are forced, to a higher extent, to purchase packages, such as, for example, Office 365, even if they do not need to use the contents of the entire package. We would very much like to go in a direction opposite this trend, because we believe in flexibility and dialogue.  

Many companies often feel compelled to use a “free” software deployment tool, which comes with a licence in another area. And it can be difficult to make yourself replace it with another product, even if the latter one is a better match for your organisation and provides far greater value. The thing to keep in mind is that this is usually accompanied by major consultancy costs, time spent and discomfort of having to fit “a triangle into a square hole”. Many times, a total ROI calculation will show that it could pay off to choose the right solution for the task. 

CapaInstaller is a complete Unified Endpoint Management solution for administration of your company’s computers and devices, and the value of the Danish solution is not only the Danish support — it is also: 

  • simple implementation 
  • reduction in time spent 
  • no concealed consultancy costs  

What kind of a partnership can you expect with us?  

A partnership works best if dialogue is seated in the driver’s seat. It is a natural part of our work to involve our clients in the development of our products. We are very attentive to anything relating to our software and believe that everyone wins if we develop on the basis of our clients’ needs. If you have input for changes, we will do our best to give you the exact solution that you want — rather than just about everything else possible. 

It is already in the contact with our support that our clients can notice that we make a virtue out of being more present than our competitors. When you as a client call our support, you do not need to be put through seven contact persons until you have your support case resolved. If our Technical Support Engineer is unable to solve the task at once, the case is immediately referred to the fixed consultant — alternatively, to one of the developers who has developed the code. 

We would like to give our clients the option to get help for the tasks they would have solved themselves, so when you buy our services, you also buy saved time.  

What do we do differently than our competitors?  

The option for direct support is not the only thing we think we do better than many of our competitors. Twice a year, we put together the CapaInstaller User Group, where existing clients contribute with input and demonstrate some of their own solutions, they have developed in CapaInstaller.  

Therefore, it feels quite natural to us to involve our clients in the development of CapaInstaller, as it is part of our DNA to involve and consult our clients when we continuously develop new solutions.  

If your company opts for CapaSystems based on who we are and how we differ from the rest, it is worth noting that we are a local Danish company operating on a heavy market. Our own consultants make it possible for your company to get what it needs, and there will always an opportunity for us to build on top of that, but this only happens through dialogue rather than compulsion.  

So why choose CapaSystems?  

Would you like to shop because you need it or because you are compelled? We believe that CapaInstaller is the best product on the market, as it gives you as a client the option to use it as a foundation to build on top using our CapaFactory Services — and, more specifically, CapaPacks, CapaDrivers, CapaImages, CapaWinUpgrade and BitLocker. In addition to this, CapaInstaller is simple to work with, easy to implement and easy to get started with. Our consultants do not force your company to take the entire package, you only get what you need and can continuously build on.  

If you are still not convinced that CapaSystems and CapaInstaller are the right tool for managing your IT infrastructure, here you will get five good reasons why we are worth considering to be your future cooperation partner.  

  1. Local and available support. 
  1. Made in Denmark. 
  1. Low consulting costs 
  1. Easy and user-friendly implementation. 
  1. We have the best product on the market.