Welcome to a new collaboration and business partner
March 7, 2018

We take care of your heavy load… That is what a new business partner expresses, with whom CapaSystems has just collaborated.

In order to live up to that statement, it requires – among other things – a well-functioning Device Management Solution, and that is why they have chosen CapaSystems to deliver CapaInstaller for administration of 220+ computers.

When communicating with most of our potential customers, we run across the following three challenges:

  • Many desires to save time by managing all devices from only one or the same management console, as using multiple systems can lead to consequences such as extra training of employees and license agreements not utilizing optimally
  • Lack of security when using computers/mobile devices can lead to increased risk of personal/business data ending up in the wrong hands. The consequences can be large fines or loss of customers
  • There is a distinct desire to reduce downtime and manual processes so that there is no needless time spend ensuring that users have the latest updates/SW packages. The consequence of not having this under control is not having enough time to optimize the company’s IT processes.

We are looking forward to the new collaboration.