We welcome: CapaOne Reliability
November 23, 2021

See IT from a bird’s eye view, get a full overview easily and find solutions to your challenges – CapaOne Reliability – a tool for both managers and technicians

Do you keep your finger on the pulse of IT?

Does your boss?

Together with today’s release of PerformanceGuard 8.3, we launch CapaOne Reliability, which all PerformanceGuard clients can add to their PerformanceGuard installation and thus get a free tool meant for both managers and technicians.

CapaOne Reliability gives you, in a simple and clear UI, the “state of affairs” seen from a bird’s eye view — a complete overview of how users experience their IT here and now.

“CapaOne Reliability is the first product from CapaSystems that is based on CapaOne Cloud. CapaOne Reliability presents a full overview that is meant for both managers and technicians. The management is given the option to get an insight into the company’s entire IT stability — here and now. Technicians can react to possible irregularities and find the cause at once.”

Martin Søndergaard, CPO, CapaSystems

How to do it?

Are you already customer using PerformanceGuard and would like to have CapaOne Reliability, you must simply upgrade to PerformanceGuard 8.3 and install the CapaOne Agent. And so you are all set.

CapaOne Reliability allows you to:

  • get a full overview of the complete IT installation
  • get the “state of affairs” of your computers displayed in clear UI
  • the management can see the level of stability of operation of the company’s computers
  • technicians can find solutions to challenges
  • follow how stable the users’ PCs are
  • follow how stable the software used is
  • see the consequence of a Change
  • see ALL faults in ALL computers