TV2 Lorry extends agreement with CapaSystems
September 10, 2021

It is always with great pride that we can bid new clients welcome to CapaSystems, but we are at least just as proud when existing clients opt to extend their agreements and continue their cooperation with us. 

This time, it is TV2 Lorry, which has been a valued client of CapaSystems for the past 15 years and which has opted to extend its agreement for the ninth time. TV2 Lorry has extended its CapaInstaller agreement by two years and has most recently added Mobile Device Management and our services: BitLocker, CapaDrivers and CapaWinUpgrade to their existing agreement. TV2 Lorry uses our products and services, among other things, to roll out and ensure the maintenance of new computers. 

We look forward to continuing our good cooperation with TV2 Lorry