Three common reasons why your computer is slow
August 30, 2019

We have all been there. We are sitting and working on the computer, but before long our blood pressure rises faster than it did when we were jogging and our grip on the mouse tightens fiercely. The computer is just too slow.

That may of course be due to a variety of reasons, but we nevertheless want to try to set out the three most common reasons for this (horribly irritating) problem.

Insufficient network solutions

When we refer to insufficient network solutions, we simply mean that the network for your workplace needs a few improvements.

It is important that the network is designed to be able to handle all the computers in the workplace. Otherwise, the connection will be poor. This is because the router can only handle a certain number of users at any one time. It is much easier to design the LAN network, as the capacity is greater and there is only a certain number of ports in the router which can be connected to computers.

“It is important that you don’t have more units on a network than it is designed to handle. If you hit the limit for all the units that the network equipment can handle, it will make the connection disproportionately poor for all the users. It is therefore important that the network has been designed for the right number of users,” says Henrik Wendt, Development Manager at CapaSystems.

Obsolescent hardware and software

Are you working on a machine that is simply too slow? Then maybe it’s time for a replacement!

Most workplaces have for example a fixed schedule with new computers installed every third or fifth year. But if you are working with somewhat more demanding software, your computer may become obsolescent more quickly, compared with, for example, the receptionist who is just using Word and Outlook. The last period with your computer before you get a new one will simply be intolerable. So consider having a chat with the purchasing manager about the need to get a new computer a bit sooner.

Generally speaking, it is a good idea to swap your work computer from time to time, regardless of whether your workplace has a fixed agreement or not. Then it will never reach the point when it becomes too slow and wastes far too much time.

On the software side, it will often be up to your IT department to ensure that you are kept up to date. Obsolescent software both constitutes a safety risk and can slow the work down.


The final and perhaps most important reason why your computer may be working a little slowly is something as familiar and old-fashioned as a virus.

You must therefore have an anti-virus system which catches the little devils. Computer viruses do not just slow a computer down, but in the worst case may also steal your data or wreck your computer.

The IT department are the people to talk to about anti-virus software. Check in this connection when the workplace virus system is updated. If it is every morning at 8am, when you and your colleagues arrive, it may be an idea to propose a different time, so not all the updates are stacked together. That takes too much for your computer’s capacity.

Have you covered all the above and your pulse is still racing? Then there is no alternative to visiting your IT department so they can examine your computer. We hope that you can prevent issues before they arise and make your time in front of the screen more pleasant.