Release: PerformanceGuard 7.5
October 22, 2019

Do you face IT-challenges DIRECTLY?

Get the overview of:

#1 Errors
#2 Downtime challenges
#3 Network availability
#4 Response times from a website
#5 etc.

There are many reasons to use PerformanceGuard to keep an eye on whether everything in the IT operations is performing as desired.

Find the following new features in the new version of PerformanceGuard 7.5, that we releases today:

  1. Web Timer for Google Chrome
  2. Performance Index
  3. Guest access to dashboards
  4. Application Sunburst

In the Release Notes you will find further technical information

Read more about the new features

To get the most out of PerformanceGuard you need to upgrade to the newest version.

Welcome to PowerShell in CapaInstaller

Welcome to PowerShell in CapaInstaller

CapaInstaller 6.5 is being released by the developers, which means a warm welcome to a feature that many of our customers have been requesting: The ability to build packages with PowerShell in CapaInstaller.

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