Reinstalling — simple and without worries
June 29, 2021

Today we release CapaInstaller 6.2 – leave the final details to the end-user and move on

Reinstalling a computer that is struggling is rarely at the top of anyone’s priorities

  • IT is supposed to troubleshoot, configure and prepare — and then wait until it gets some time with the end-user. And yet we have not even talked about the worry if it is the end-users that must select the right installation parameters themselves.
  • And, on the other hand, it is the end-users that are left with the frustrations of having to “start from scratch”, do without an important work tool and, in particular, depend on the IT’s time frame that never quite matches the deadline for their current work tasks.

All this ends NOW.

Today we release CapaInstaller 6.2, with its new OS Deployment Templates, which are the feature that will save time and worries going forward — for both IT Departments and end-users.

In addition to the variation of possibilities in connection with the use of OSD Templates, the new iOS Update will make it easy to initiate new iOS updates — directly from CapaInstaller.