Paranova and CapaSystems continue the cooperation yet again!
February 3, 2023

For the last 15 years we have had the pleasure of having Paranova as a client and therefore we are naturally very pleased that they once again have renewed their contract. Paranova uses a wide selection of our products and services such as: CapaInstaller, CapaImages, CapaWinUpgrade as well as CapaOne Reliability and CapaOne Updater.

We are proud to have assisted Paranova since 2008 and look forward to continuing our cooperation!

Welcome to PowerShell in CapaInstaller

Welcome to PowerShell in CapaInstaller

CapaInstaller 6.5 is being released by the developers, which means a warm welcome to a feature that many of our customers have been requesting: The ability to build packages with PowerShell in CapaInstaller.

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