NIRAS opts for CapaInstaller—again
August 10, 2020

Danish engineering company NIRAS has opted yet again for CapaInstaller and signed up for Device Management from CapaSystems for 5 more years

NIRAS is one of CapaSystems’ “old” customers, who have been using CapaInstaller since 2005. And the Danish engineering company has now signed up for 5 more years.

“What CapaInstaller gives us is a stable system that makes sure our laptops and desktops stay up to date. CapaSystems always thinks ahead and keeps upgrading their solution with things we need. Here I think, among other things, of the new base agent, which has relieved the network load from clients to front-end servers,” says NIRAS Deployment Specialist, Søren Dahl Nielsen.

NIRAS uses CapaInstaller to manage some 5,000 devices and also makes use of various other services.

“We save lots of time daily by using various services—we most recently bought CapaImages so I do not have to make Windows images myself,” says Søren Dahl Nielsen, who finally puts a strong emphasis on the importance of good cooperation:

“Our cooperation with CapaSystems is good—both with the Support and the Development Department, where have an opportunity to influence what the future holds. And we can certainly not just take this for granted. We therefore look forward to continuing our cooperation.

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