Management Demands Action: MDM Solution NOW 
April 11, 2024
MDM solution

Questions are pouring down on IT department employees: 

  • Are we compliant with regulations? 
  • Do we have control over data when employees are on the go? 
  • What are we doing to improve IT security? 
  • Are we ready to comply with the NIS2 directive? 


It’s more than just the IT department’s compliance and data protection headache. 

Management has a deadline. 

They will be accountable if things are not under control. 

Is your company ready for MDM? 

Many IT departments are currently struggling to meet management’s demands for implementing an MDM solution – and before you start looking through the MDM market, choose based on the 3 S’s: 

Specialist, Security, Support 

Specialist: There are many solutions – choose a supplier who knows what they’re talking about and has experience and expertise 

Security: A good MDM provider takes security seriously and has robust security features that protect your data 

Support: You should feel confident and heard, so prioritize personal support from the supplier’s experts. 

Today, CapaOne MDM releases – EVERYTHING you need in one MDM solution – and you don’t have to miss out on specific features to find the right price. 🌟 ALL IS INCLUDED 🌟