Leadership Change at CapaSystems
October 11, 2023
Leadership Change at CapaSystems

After five years as CEO of the Danish software company CapaSystems, main shareholder and owner Søren Truelsen has chosen to hand over the leadership of his brainchild and thus focus solely on the position of chairman of the board. CapaSystems is ready with a new man in charge, as Martin Gudme Søndergaard has taken over as CEO of the company he knows like the back of his hand.

Data mechanic apprentice. Consultant. Senior Consultant. Product Manager. Development Manager. Chief Product Officer. CEO.

These are the job functions that CapaSystems’ newly appointed CEO, Martin Gudme Søndergaard, has held over the past 27 years. All in the same Danish software company, CapaSystems, where he now sits at the helm and, together with the rest of the management and staff, will shape a new era for the company.

Main shareholder and owner Søren Truelsen has chosen to step down as CEO but will continue as chairman of the board:

“CapaSystems is a technically oriented company, and therefore, it has been important for me to point to someone with the right skills in place. Martin’s strong technical foundation is indisputable, and he has long been shaping the way for our product portfolio. However, he has also shown impressive leadership qualities that make me feel completely secure in handing over CapaSystems to his care. CapaSystems is in good hands, and Martin has a management team and a staff that can pave the way for innovation and sustainable growth, and thus lead the company well into the future,” says chairman of the board, Søren Truelsen.

Martin Gudme Søndergaard was appointed CPO by Søren Leth Truelsen in 2020 and has, in close collaboration with the rest of the management and staff, implemented a significant restructuring of the product portfolio and partners. The company is focused on innovation and using new technologies to offer the best products to customers.

“I am proud of what we have achieved together as a team so far, and I am excited to have the opportunity to lead CapaSystems’ continued journey into the future,” says CEO Martin Gudme Søndergaard.

More new faces in CapaSystems’ leadership

In connection with the leadership change, CapaSystems’ management team has been expanded and now consists of:

Chief Commercial Officer Claus Andresen

Chief Financial Officer Jan Michael Rasmussen

Chief Technology Officer Henrik Wendt

Chief Marketing Officer Rikke Borup

Chief Services Officer Dennis Busk Nyehuus (new)

Chief Product Officer Dan Svendsen (new)