It Takes Just Seven Days to Get CapaInstaller Up and Running — Everything Included
March 22, 2022

What our future clients are most sceptical about when we tell them about our Unified Endpoint Management solution is that we can actually get CapaInstaller up and running in seven days only. 

So let us just say it once and for all: Yes, we can do it.  

The implementation itself consists of several stages, but you as a client should not expect it to take four weeks until your new system is up and running. Perhaps it sounds unrealistic — but even though we are fast, we also guarantee that our first priority is being thorough.  

In this article, we will get round to some of the questions our clients ask prior to the implementation of CapaInstaller.  

What are the stages of implementation of CapaInstaller?  

Whether we manage to successfully implement CapaInstaller within seven days naturally depends on your company’s setup. This is why we always provide a list of items you need to have ready so we can make sure that the solution we install will meet the needs of your particular business. In this connection, we also ensure that your hardware and software live up to the standards we have defined prior to the installation process.  

Once we are on site, we take the first step — installing a Capa server. A Capa server is a database, where all services are set up and then rolled out on x number of machines. If you would like us to go in full detail, we can do the following things in the course of a 7-day implementation: 

  • Standard implementation of CapaInstaller 
  • Server in DMZ 
  • Implementation of BitLocker  
  • Implementation of CapaDrivers 
  • Implementation of CapaWinUpgrade 
  • Implementation of CapaPacks  
  • Implementation of CapaImages 
  • Asset Management — creation of application groups  
  • Configuration Management  
  • OS Deployment 
  • Patch Management 
  • Maturation of 4 hardware models 
  • Development of 3 images 
  • Development of 8 standard software packages 
  • Setup of DEP/VPP as well as Google Enterprise/ZeroTouch and Samsung Knox  
  • Roll-in on 10 devices so that you can see that the system is functional 
  • Setup of 3 profiles 
  • Asset Management  
  • Setup of 3 application groups 
  • Setup of 4 departments  
  • Review of the use of MDM 

All of the above presupposes that your company has a fully operational system that we can use. Our consultants will be in constant dialogue with your company and give you the big picture so you never have any doubts about what should be done before, during and after we install CapaInstaller — your Unified Endpoint Management solution. 

A new system requires an adaptation period 

Each individual implementation stage is followed by an adaptation period. Such a period with us includes thorough guidance and training in the system that gives you the time and peace of mind so you can properly get to know the solution yourself. 

There may be new questions and challenges to crop up in this stage — but CapaSystems’ consultants will always be ready to lend a helping hand.  

Will a CapaInstaller implementation always go smoothly and without flaws? 

No, this cannot always happen. But rather than referring to this as process flaws, you can rather accept that it is unavoidable to sometimes experience unanticipated problems. If your company has a special IT setup, this can create certain challenges that can result in teething troubles and postpone things a bit, but this often depends on the size of the installation and its desired degree of simplicity. Therefore, we strive — in cooperation with you — to always anticipate problems and prepare the installation in the best way possible.  

How much does an implementation cost?  

The matter of price is one of the key issues that we have been discussing for a long time. New clients often “put on belts and harnesses” if they have previously experienced a poor and expensive implementation — and they have our full understanding for this.  

Therefore, it is not particularly important to us if we charge DKK 50,000 for the implementation or if we do it free of charge. 

The most important thing to us is to put the client first. We are very willing to convince new clients about what we are capable of and how we can complete an implementation within seven days. Therefore, you as a client can always expect the following four things prior to, during and after an implementation: 

  1. A clear schedule for when CapaInstaller will be up and running 
  1. Consultants, who will be at your disposal if you have questions 
  1. Option for modifications along the way  
  1. Review of and training in CapaInstaller  

Since we believe so much in our own abilities as well as our product, we would very much like to give the implementation away to you. 

We would also like to eliminate any concern you have that we can successfully do it in seven days.