Good luck in Japan
August 25, 2021

CapaSystems supports Parasport Denmark and thus the Danish athletes who until the 6th of September will compete at the Paralympics Games in Tokyo

CapaSystems have chosen to support the Danish Parasport and especially the Danish athletes, that are participating in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. The Paralympic Games are at present being held in Japan until the 6th of September 2021.

By supporting Parasport Denmark, CapaSystems contributes to giving the Danish athletes the best possible circumstances for their performance at the Paralympic Games 2020, which was postponed by one year due to the Corona pandemic. Due to the postponement the athletes have had to maintain a top level and deliver top performances two years in a row – which has required more resources than usual from the entire parasport.

When the focus is not on the Paralympic Games, Parasport Denmark helps to organize a wide range of activities that help children and young people in the process of para sports as well as assists in the creation of future para-athletes. Therefore, we are happy to be able to contribute, so that Parasport Denmark can continue the important work.

CapaSystems is looking forward to following and cheering for all the Danish athletes who are currently competing in Tokyo.