Do you identify with statement no. 1, 2, or 3?
December 16, 2022

We release CapaBitLocker today in a new, time-saving version that takes drive encryption to an entirely new level and significantly simplifies administration

When it comes to drive encryption — do you identify with statement no. 1, 2, or 3?

  • 1. Don’t you worry — we are doing just fine without drive encryption. We have told all employees at our company that everyone should take care of their computers and not store data locally. 😖
  • 2. We naturally encrypt our drives — but it is quite the chore, as making BitLocker work is both time-consuming and challenging because of all the manual work involved. But that’s how it is — we just put off other tasks at the department, even though they are essential. 😴
  • 3. We couldn’t dream of skipping this — drive encryption with BitLocker is an easy and manageable task. However, we employ an additional solution to facilitate the work, which is what makes all the difference. Everything else is daft. 🤗

Whichever of the three statements above you subscribe to; you need to be aware of the advantages offered by CapaBitLocker — our super flexible BitLocker drive encryption solution.

We launch CapaBitLocker today in a new, time-saving version that takes drive encryption to an entirely new level and significantly simplifies administration.

The setup of drive encryption with BitLocker does not need to take 10 minutes!


  • Analyze whether your system is ready to implement BitLocker and indicates whether your devices are ready. However, not only the devices that are ready but — perhaps most importantly of all — also the devices that are not, as well as the reason for that
  • contains a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) package that fixes the challenges with any devices that are not initially ready
  • ensures easy encryption of all drives, including both OS drives and data drives
  • ensures, if necessary, easy decryption of all drives
  • saves all Recovery Passwords in both Active Directory and CapaInstaller, if so desired
  • contains a feature for preset monitoring and reporting of the encryption state of each individual device so that you have the whole picture at all times and do NOT get surprises

Thus, you can tick off “DRIVE ENCRYPTION” in your IT security checklist in less than 10 minutes.

Webinar, 21 December, 10-11 am

On Wednesday, 21 December, from 10 to 11 am, we will hold an exciting webinar, where CapaSystems’ Technical Program Manager, Dan Svendsen, will go over CapaBitLocker and reply to any questions you may have.

This will give you an opportunity to get to know CapaBitLocker better, see all the advantages and hear how it can make that super big difference for your company.

Click below and sign up today. Notice – the webinar is held in Danish.

BitLocker helps secure your company against data theft

Technical Program Manager Dan Svendsen has written a blog post that focuses on the importance of drive encryption:

“In the 15 years I have been working with IT and data security, I am yet to see a company that can honestly say that their employees NEVER save files locally on their computers — in spite of their IT policy. Even though data security has received particular attention after the implementation of the GDPR regulation, employees — but also the management — continue to be the weakest link in IT security.”