Covid19: We continue to take care of your IT infrastucture
March 12, 2020

CapaSystems is no further away than a call or one click on the CapaOne Portal

Right now, Denmark is dependent on well-functioning IT.

More than ever…

We, therefore, want to assure you, that as a customer of CapaSystems you will not experience any changes in our deliveries to you, and therefore you do not have to worry about, whether you can ensure your business a smooth IT infrastructure.

  • CapaSystems Customer Service Team is ready with support
  • CapaSystems IT consultants can in most cases manage all tasks remotely.

As a private company, we naturally support 100% of the authorities’ clear call to work from home. In this context, it is important for us to emphasize that in our organization we are in control of the situation and everything is running as normal.

As always, we are ready to answer any questions that may arise.

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