CapaWinUpgrade – the easiest solution
June 1, 2021

CapaWinUpgrade is presented today – the streamlined and automatic way to easily install feature upgrades on Windows 10

The IT department has SO many tasks – we know.

One of those is to make sure that the Windows 10 platform is always up-to-date – and that is an extremely time-consuming task.

With CapaWinUpgrade from CapaSystems, you no longer have to worry about i.a.:

  • spending time to make sure that the installation files are updated
  • developing a package that will ensure that your operating system is updated
  • worrying about losing local data when reinstalling the company’s computers

Today, we release CapaWinUpgrade that contains:

  • An option for a compatibility check of all computers. The check is run to identify if they are ready for upgrade
  • Automatic download of packages with the newest installation files
  • A clean-up package is run after upgrade to ensure the removal of old installation files and temporary data
  • Logging of upgrade history that provides an overview and can continuously be used for troubleshooting

Campaign offers in June

We have a campaign offer together with the release of CapaWinUpgrade

BUY CapaWinUpgrade – the implementation is FREE

The offer is for both new customers and customers who already have the previous version – Windows 10 In-Place Upgrade. CapaWinUpgrade is the further development of this solution that now has integration with Cloud Updater and content packages, a dynamic installation screen and support for several Windows 10 builds with the same packages etc.

Write [email protected] to make use of the offer NOW. One of our experienced consultants will then make sure that CapaWinUpgrade will be implemented and made ready so that you can focus on your IT business while we deal with the heavy and time-consuming tasks.