CapaInstaller Is the Solution with Fastest Return on Investment
February 24, 2022
higher roi

As unrealistic as it may sound, the heading does not lie.

Time is money, and IT resources at most Danish companies are scarce. Therefore, you need to make sure that your company uses your IT resources wherever it makes sense to do so.

We naturally think that you should invest your time in developing your company’s business rather than in maintaining the day-to-day operations of your devices… And it is right here that CapaInstaller comes into the picture.

We can give you several examples of clients who have saved man-hours and scarce resources by opting for CapaInstaller. CapaInstaller is a wall-to-wall solution within Unified Endpoint Management, which considers no task to be too big or too small. We have written this blog post for those of you who are not yet familiar with CapaInstaller.

We tend to find price comparisons boring, which is why we would much prefer to tell you what kind of advantages you will draw from cooperating with us as a client. However, since we would like to be as transparent as possible, you will be able to compare us with your current Client Management provider in the course of our dialogue.

We do not have standard prices to boast of, as the price payable by you as a client is a patchwork of several components.

What forms CapaInstaller’s price?

As we have written above, the price is often at the very back of the hall when we talk about Unified Endpoint Management solutions. On the other hand, functionality and user-friendliness are some of the things we would much rather talk to you about.

As a general rule, CapaInstaller is one of the lowest-priced products on the Danish market. As a client, you will find that CapaInstaller has a simple price model where you as a client pay per device that is in use — whether the device operates Windows, Mac, iOS or Android.

If we talk about the make-up of the price, such a discussion will always be in conjunction with your needs and desires. If your company needs support for 1,000 or 200 devices, the prices for CapaInstaller will naturally vary. That being said, you should also be aware that the larger the number of devices you need, the greater the discount you will get.

But if you need support for lots of or few employees, you can expect device to not always lie at the basis of calculation. We never discriminate between our clients even if some pay more than others or if one company is larger than another one.

Another thing your company gets into the bargain when it cooperates with us is an easy-to-access Danish customer support department, which is not a standard feature in our industry. Whether your business needs full support or assistance once in a while, you will always be able to rely on our help. Calling support comes at no extra charge to your company, as support is always included in the price.

This also means that our Technical Support Engineers can save you time by reviewing the challenge you are facing and solving it for you, thus making it possible for your IT staff to get going faster with their other tasks — which constitutes an economy in itself.

How can we guarantee you higher ROI?

To make sure our clients get higher ROI, we apply our market experience: What have the competitors’ solutions cost their current clients?

A simple overall ROI calculation will show, many times over, that choosing the right solution for the task is worthwhile, and it is here that CapaInstaller comes into the picture, as we can pledge ROI of 6 to 12 months.

Another decisive factor that ensures higher ROI is, among other things, the fact that CapaInstaller’s user-friendliness and immediacy frees up a lot of time for your IT employees, who only need to have things up and running. This makes it possible for your IT employees to focus their time and competencies on other tasks so that time no longer seems to be in short supply.

And then it is worth noting that the consulting costs will neither take you by surprise, nor hit your pocket, as with CapaInstaller, you get whatever you buy.

IT resources are an item in short supply — use them wisely

IT resources in Denmark’s companies nowadays are often an item in short supply. If your company loses an IT employee working with infrastructure, you may ultimately be left in the lurch, as you will not have the means or the right resources to fix this.

CapaInstaller is a standardised solution that everyone can get familiar with. Therefore, you should consider whether your company would use its resources better by investing them in business development rather than in internal operations.

We know that Unified Endpoint Management solutions can often be a huge item in the overall accounts. What speaks in favour of CapaInstaller is, among other things, the quick Return on Investment and the savings in the time of your IT employees so that they do not have to run around with a USB stick and install 10-15 updates per device per month. An added bonus is the impossibility to experience an explosion in consulting costs.