A firewall is not enough
December 16, 2022

In the 15 years our Technical Program Manager, Dan Svendsen, has been working with IT and data security, he is yet to see a company that can honestly say that their employees never save files locally on their computers — despite their IT policy

A firewall is not enough!

Not at all.

The Technical Program Manager of CapaSystems, Dan Svendsen, is yet to meet a company that can claim with 100 % certainty that all of its employees store sensitive files only within the secure walls of the firewall.

After all, who hasn’t tried to save a file on the desktop? This is simply a bit easier when you are on the trot.

And that is the exact reason why you need to use BitLocker or a similar product. BitLocker encryption is one of the last defenses for the IT manager if a computer is stolen. It is the thing that ensures that sensitive data — saved on the desktop — do not end up in the wrong hands.

BitLocker encryption of the entire company requires three things from the IT department:

1. All computers must have the maturity to be encrypted

2. You must be able to monitor whether the devices remain encrypted

3. The BitLocker recovery keys must be stored centrally.

We launch CapaBitLocker today in a brand new, time-saving version that takes drive encryption to an entirely new level and significantly simplifies administration.

Thus, you can tick off “DRIVE ENCRYPTION” in your IT security checklist in less than 10 minutes.